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TOP 200 stats

In red, girls who are under 20

ZHENG Jie –China -25 y.o –former best ranking:17 –NEW:16
MEDINA GARRIGUES Anabel –Spain -26 y.o –former best ranking:19 –NEW:18
SUAREZ NAVARRO Carla –Spain -20 y.o –former best ranking:28 –NEW:27
SANCHEZ MARTINEZ Maria Jose –Spain -26 y.o –former best ranking :52 –NEW:51
MAYR Patricia –Austria -22 y.o –former best ranking:76 –NEW:73
RADWANSKA Urszula -18 y. o –former best ranking:83 –NEW:80
RUS Aranxta –Netherlands -18 y.o –former best ranking:142 –NEW:136

IVANOVA Ekaterina –Russia -21 y.o –former best ranking:153 –NEW:148
SEVASTOVA Anastasija –Latvia -19 y.o –former best ranking:183 –NEW:180

FASTER MOVEMENTS IN THE TOP 10, 20, 50, 100, 150 and 200:

Top 10:

No change

TOP 20:
Anabel MEDINA GARRIGUES n°18 (+2):
New career high for Anabel. Last week she reached her 24th SF on the WTA Tour at Marbella. After a tight QF beating in 3 sets 6th seed/n°40 Errani, she couldn’t stem 2nd seed/n°4 Jankovic power despite a close 1rst set.

TOP 50:
Carla SUAREZ NAVARRO n°27 (+7):
Spain is on the spotlight this week! After Anabel, this is Carla turn who’s reaching also her ever best ranking. After a breakthrough year in 2008, she keeps rising reaching her 1rst final on the WTA Tour at Marbella. For sure, Carla is a potential future winner on the WTA Tour. This time, 2nd seed/n°4 star Jankovic, who was struggling with her game the last couple of months, was too strong even if Carla resisted in 3 sets.

TOP 100:
Aravane REZAI n°83 (+11):
Aravane is one of the most entertaining girl to watch on the tour due to the extreme power of her shots from both sides. Just before her 20 y.o birthday, in 2007, she was reaching her ever best ranking at n°40. The last 2 years, she was too erratic to stay in the Top 50. The problem with Aravane is that she needs to be 100% confident to crash her opponent and as soon as she’s thinking to much or lacking of confidence, she’s hitting too much unforced errors with no plan B. However, she’s up 11 places this week after reaching the SF at Tourhout $100K challenger falling to n°98 and former n°18 eventual winner Sprem.

TOP 150:
Victoriya KUTUZOVA n°106 (+22):
Step by step, Victoriya is climbing back to the Top 100. In 2005, at 18 y.o, she was one of rising teen to follow on the tour (reaching her ever best ranking at n°76). But as often, her opponents on the tour kept more attention when they had to face her. This is the problem of all of these girls with some king of stereotype baseliner game despite their talent. Last week, she had a good run at Tourhout $100K dropping no set until the final, ousting Top seed/n°44 Tanasugarn in the early round. In final, resurgent n°98 Sprem was too good.

TOP 200:
Andrea PETKOVIC n°156 (+31):
This week again and for the 2nd time in a row, Andrea is the best progression of the week. The former n°91 who was forced to give up from the Tour during 8 months last year is eager of victories. Last week, she ran to the SF at Tourhout $100K upsetting consecutively 7th seed/n°101 and local hope Flipkens and 3rd seed/n°66 Dechy before losing to n°128 Kutuzova.


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