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For me, it is described perfectly with this word. Disappointing.

I, like many of you thought Slava will finally break top 20 for the first time this year. After an impressive 2012, i thought it was time for her to break through. Even with the choking at the end of the year, i thought she would be able to re-find some of her form from 2012 and get a top 20 finish, or at least match her finish from last year.

What we got was very disappointing. Choking, bad losses and a severe lack of good runs. Slava was a little unlucky to get injured when she started to show some sort of form, but that doesn't excuse the rest of the year where he results have been quite frankly pathetic. Last year, i thought she just had a mental problem, but this year i think there is something more. How someone that talented can be so bad is beyond me, and probably beyond anyone who isn't around her all the time. She's barely in the top 100 when many of us predicted her to make top 20. It sucks big time. She seems to have lost her fight, and she's become a gutless player which is awful.

I might sound pessimistic, but i think Slava may have blown her chance to reach her minimum potential this year. She'll be 27 next year, so she isn't young anymore and as every passing year goes by, the chances of her reaching that potential gets less.

I won't expect anything of her next season just in case i am left disappointed again. She still can reach her minimum potential, but i don't see it. However i do think she will have a better season than 2013, so i predict her to finish around the top 50. Either just inside or just outside
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