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What's your favorite kind of music?

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I like these two singles from Caribou's forthcoming album (late Feb). Released last year in October and December respectively.

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(y) Not on his album released last year, though released last year as well (October single). 13 mn long, so what? It's excellent!

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Went unnoticed from me when I played the album, but now as a single and video, just wow. It's one year old (Jan 2019).

A favorite of 2019 for me without any doubt. Behind Spellling (with three L) is Tia Cabral. Album is called Mazy Fly.

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Fascinating Folktronica album by Labaq (Larissa Nalini) from Brazil. Released last April.


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Brazil again :love:

so sweet... Luiza Brina with Fernanda Takai here

The whole album Tenho Saudade Mas Já Passou is a delight.

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totally my kind of music :love:

I like mostly everything by Seven Davis Jr

Released on Christmas day 2019


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I decided to stop my 2019 tour as for me, though I don't forbid myself to add any great further discovery of course (you never know). I come up with 84 different acts. Here are my stats:

68 albums, 16 non-LP singles. By the way, I deleted all songs released as singles in 2019 that were already released in 2018 on LPs (which includes Robyn's "Ever Again" for example), unless the single mix is vastly better (I didn't face such case, for the better!) since they are 2018 songs to me. If I ever make the effort to make compilations (which would make 4 volumes of about 20 tracks), it'd be favorite songs of 2019 (not necessarily singles), which would require careful listen of every album, no need to say it is time consuming. ?

Some stats

Music fields:

Pop: 28
Electronic: 12
Dance: 1 (Róisín Murphy)
Rock: 21
Hip Hop, R&B: 8
Folk, Country, Singer/Songwriter: 14


Female: 52
Male: 21
Neutral: 11 (mixed or instrumental)


America: 50
Europe: 22
Africa: 1
Asia: 3
Oceania: 8


USA: 41
Canada: 6
Brazil: 2
Guatemala: 1 (Mabe Fratti, currently based in Mexico)
UK: 14
Ireland: 1 (have a guess)
France: 2
Belgium: 1 (Balthazar)
Poland: 2
Sweden: 1 (Weatherday)
Norway: 1 (Jenny Hval)
Mali: 1 (Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni ba)
Japan: 2
South Korea: 1 (Jambinai)
Australia: 7
New Zealand: 1 (Aldous Harding)

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All women. Who are behind the stage names or are part of the bands? ?

You may use the spoiler as to let everyone else play ?

Do your best! Some are easy, others not

Stage names or bands
  1. Bedouine
  2. Big Thief
  3. Boy Harsher
  4. Charly Bliss
  5. Chromatics
  6. Clairo
  7. Control Top
  8. Lana Del Rey
  9. Hannah Diamond
  10. FKA twigs
  11. Florist
  12. Aldous Harding
  13. Jay Som
  14. LaBaq
  15. Cate Le Bon
  16. Lykke Li
  17. Little Simz
  18. Men I Trust
  19. Moor Mother
  20. The New Pornographers
  21. Otoboke Beaver
  22. Rozi Plain
  23. Lucy Rose
  24. Soccer Mommy
  25. Sorry Girls
  26. Spellling
  27. Kate Tempest
  28. Tennis
  29. Tropical Fuck Storm
  30. Vanishing Twin
  31. Weyes Blood
Birth or civil names
  1. Accorinrin (vocals) and Yoyoyoshie (guitar, vocals)
  2. Simbi Ajikawo
  3. Sophie Allison
  4. Hannah Amond
  5. Camae Ayewa
  6. Larissa Baq
  7. Tahliah Barnett
  8. Tia Cabral
  9. Kate Calvert
  10. Ali Carter
  11. Neko Case (vocals)
  12. Claire Cottrill
  13. Melina Duterte
  14. Elizabeth Grant
  15. Eva Hendricks (vocals)
  16. Heather Kirkpatrick
  17. Fiona Kitschin (bass, vocals)
  18. Azniv Korkejian
  19. Adrianne Lenker
  20. Rosalind Leyden
  21. Cathy Lucas
  22. Jae Matthews
  23. Natalie Mering
  24. Alaina Moore
  25. Lucy Rose Parton
  26. Emma Proulx (vocals, guitar)
  27. Ruth Radelet (vocals)
  28. Emily Sprague
  29. Cate Timothy
  30. Hannah Topp
  31. Li Lykke Zachrisson (vocals)

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My favorite music of 2019, part 1

most songs were posted in the thread so I only show the singles sleeves

Singles standing out from non-favorite LPs


1. Clio - Amoureuse

A truly lovely song, elegant and typically French. Synthpop in France often has that minimalist charm. If anything, Erik Satie showed the way.

2. Avey Tare - Saturdays (Again)

The only song that works for me from the album. I was immediately caught by the guitar chords in the background that distill a graceful emotion. It goes with the blurry aesthetic of the genre. There's often one that works in those albums (I recall one from Animal Collective a fe years ago as well).

3. Mark Ronson w/ Lykke Li - Late Night Feelings

I'm not a fan of Ronson's music, but this one works with me. It's an example of perfect dance-pop to me, old fashioned from the disco era of Michael Jackson. Ronson has produced a few favorites of mine, though. The Like's Release Me (superb example of girl group that went sadly unnoticed, but the girls disbanded anyway) and Christina Aguilera's masterpiece, Back to Basics. Funny to know he grew up in the musical world of stepfather Mick Jones, that most people associate with Foreigner, but that I associate, as for me, with his work with Tommy Brown for Sylvie Vartan, Johnny Hallyday, Françoise Hardy (late 60s, early 70s)...
Ronson's many guests on his album show what each of them could make with an album of their own... produced by Ronson. Interesting idea. I guess the man is busy.

4. Mavis Staples - Change

Single and opener of the Staples album produced by Ben Harper. The most up tempo too, what easily worked the best for me.

5. Clairo - Sofia

The only good tune of that young woman's album. She looks a bit like Svitolina. We have another singer who looks like Serena (Spelllling). We have a band called Tennis. There's a music genre called Footwork. There's a band called Kim Petras. ?

6. The New Pornographers - Falling Down the Stairs of Your Smile

Only song I enjoyed from their album. I looked on the net if they ever covered the Buggles hit "Video Killed the Radio Star", but no.

7. clipping. - Nothing Is Safe

Their album is certainly interesting (and of valuable quality), but this song is the only one that works for me, and it's even one of 2019's obvious hits in my opinion. One that will stay as such.

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Non-LP singles


1. Chromatics - Time Rider

The album left me flat (though curiously starting with a Simon & Garfunkel hit I often sing alone too), but this one is cute with its electronic pastilles.

2. Courtney Barnett - Everybody Here Hates You

Vocal trademark.

3. Devi McCallion - It's a Beautiful World

Ah! Lo-Fi freedom ?

4. Deerhunter - Timebends

13 mn single released last October that's not on the album released in January. I played the full album today: it would have made my fave albums list if I hadn't favoured this single. First, Bradford Cox is certainly one of my very favorite male singers these days (judging by my genders stats, they aren't numerous), but also of those rare beasts delivering something of a bleak beauty from the lost era of rock. The closing track of the album was incredibly boring, though ("Nocturne"), and you wonder where Bradford's mind is. I guess he tries to keep focused. And yes, sometime, if you don't pursue an idea, you don't know how good or bad it is. You have to made your point first, and move on. The album was produced by Cate Le Bon, by the way. Deerhunter is one to follow.

5. Róisín Murphy - Narcissus

I guess those familiar with her will tell if that one is recycling previous ideas of hers or not. I can't tell, but enjoyed this one enough, groovy, totally disco era. I recall Moloko decades ago. The single "Fun For Me" was overplayed on a French TV channel. I didn't know what to think of it. ?

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2019 singles from forthcoming albums (or not)


1. Tennis - Runner

Best of the two released singles so far.

2. Soccer Mommy - Yellow Is the Color of Her Eyes

One of the best singles of 2019 without any doubt.

3. Caribou - You and I

The most accessible of the two released singles.

4. The Voidz - Did My Best

Saved from cute & mellow by the guitars at the end.

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Tell me about a grower. You know you play an album to pick the best song (your favorite to the least), and you literally fall into it. I didn't think that much of Julia Jacklin on the first few listens, though I liked her. She's attractively unassuming and sympathetic. And doesn't wear the "singer/songwriter" tag over her sleeve. But damn, is she good as a songwriter and performer, so genuine, real and honest. All the slow songs are a treat, never fake ("Convention", "Good Guy"), and from time to time she sounds all electric, pop rock energy, with ringing guitars ("You Were Right") with incredible feeling. She's the real article as far as I'm concerned, with this second LP to the least. I don't even know what to choose anymore, I love everything on this album. That's what happens to you when you connect to an artist. "Turn Me Down": doesn't that sound great? It's NOT generic. It's perfect. Sometime she reminded me of the Velvet Underground, the third album.


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My guilty pleasure of 2019 is Sorry Girls. Not many memorable tunes (I kept a good one for my comp, though), but the voice of Heather Kirkpatrick is so cool and breathy, a perfect instrument for dream pop or easy listening. I would recommend the album of this Canadian duet to any fan of the 80s. I always listen to them with pleasure. And without guilt at all, to be honest. ?


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I grew up listening to Chinese music and these are some of my earliest music memories.

Faye Wong was one of the biggest stars of the industry in the 90s but at the height of her popularity, she released an album full of wonderful, idiosyncratic non-mainstream songs. Of course, it flopped commercially but it really was the soundtrack of my growing up.

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