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Your fave better be careful if they lose a final, because ...

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Players are now taking home "special" trophies of their wins. :eek:

Well, there is one player who won't be saying, "On the other hand". :eek: :p :wavey:
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That is definitely one of the ugliest trophies that I have ever seen. :eek: :p
That trophy is waaay too looks like something I've seen at the Pleasure Chest in L.A. :eek:
With a little luck, he'll just get a miniature version of it that can be nicely hidden behind his other trophies.
Eeeeeww!Its ugly!Get it away!!:mad:
:eek: what a horrible trophy!
I think that one takes the cake. Whoever designed it should be fired.
There was a thread posted about the Auckland trophy (or was it Canberra? I know Anna Smashnova won it, anyway), which was a piece of modern art which actually looked like a piece of poo. Nasty - poor Anna, having to take it home with her. This one's not much better, but I can think of a few comedy pranks Thomas could play with it...
(Yikes! My fave has lost something like 8 finals.)

I just hope the next tourney isn't sponsored by a condom manufacturer.

BTW, that result was listed on ESPN's ticker under "WTA". Perhaps there was more than just an arm missing.
Yuuuck, ive never seen such an ugly tropy :eek:
He should throw the trophy in the crowd, at least someone's happy with it then;)
LOL What a heap of crap that trophy is!:eek: :(
Tee, you can't be serious!! Is that thing for real? It looks like a joke to me! :eek: I just can't believe someone would think receiving THAT would be an honor. :confused:
1 - 19 of 19 Posts
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