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Younger sisters of Asian players becoming doubles specialists. New trend?

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I saw there's a new trend that younger sisters of Asian tennis players do not get any kind of success in singles, they stick to doubles and get quite successful. I have three examples:

Su-Wei Hsieh (WTA 65) -> /1993/Shu-Ying Hsieh (849 singles, 236 doubles)
Yung-Jan Chan (WTA 163) -> /1993 born/Hao-Ching Chan (unranked in singles, 71 doubles)
Varatchaya Wongteanchai (WTA 233) -> /1993 born/Varunya Wongteanchai (1081 singles, 311 doubles)

What do you think about it? Just a coincidence or a new trend?
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Shu-Ying and Varunya actually try in singles, but they are just more successful in doubles.

Chan is a double specialists i think.
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