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Yetunde Price (Venus & Serena's Sister) Has Been Fatally Shot

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I can see nothing online yet... Anyone else??????
there is nothing on cnn here
that's not funny...
My friend just called from work (she works here too in different area and has TV). Held the phone up to the TV for me to hear. I only heard it and couldn't see it.
You guys, I'm so *not* kidding. I would *never* joke about this.
What the hell? Are you serious?
Apparently somewhere in California this happened. More news to come.
thats bad to joke about . omg if Venus has been shot.
It was their 31 y.o. sister who was shot according to Fox and she was killed.
my goodness :eek:
This is a VERY BAD joke!
:eek: I don`t think this is the right way to make jokes..... :rolleyes: Very bad!
very sad.. my thoughts and prayers to family, friends and fans, but it was not Venus or Serena according the fox news channel..

I just saw it on Fox News too. It was their older sister.

Awful news :sad:
How fucking horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 20 of 279 Posts
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