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I think these points are obvious:

1. In this year's ranking, between Lindsay (no. 4) and Justine (no. 5) there is a gap of 852 points, so it's quite obvious that the top 4 will consist of Jennifer, Venus, Martina and Lindsay.
2. In the year-rankings, Jennifer and Venus are ahead of Martina. And Martina won't play anymore this year, so no matter what happens, Martina won't be ranked higher than no. 3.
3. Lindsay only needs 206 points to reach Martina, and if she doesn't get injured, she should be able to get them, maybe already this week, so probably Martina will be no. 4.
4. Jennifer has a lead of 514 points, so it's very likely that she will be no. 1 at the end of the year.

So the only question is: can Lindsay reach Venus ?
I think she probably will, if Venus doesn't play at all.
If Venus plays in Munich, I think Lindsay probably has to win Zürich and then do better in Munich than Venus.

I think Lindsay is a great indoor player (maybe the best), so these are my top 4 at the end of the year:

1. Jennifer
2. Lindsay
3. Venus
4. Martina

I think that if Jennifer loses early in Melbourne, both Lindsay and Venus have a shot to become no. 1 then if they do really well (like winning the whole thing).

What do you think ?

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i think that the rankings will be


if venus can do well in linz and munich(hopefully win both)she can finish ahead of capriati,she will most likely finish in front of davenport if she desn't commit to linz where she is the defending champ
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