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WWW 2012 Olympics R16 Rematch of Wimbledon R16: [3] Sharapova v [15] Lisicki

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this is the only possible R16 between the four 1-4 SEEDS and four 13-16 SEEDS so let the 2012 Olympics draw discussion begin :hearts:

Maria will be looking for revenge while Sabine will look to snatch Maria's wig for the 2nd time @ Wimbledon in a month :armed:
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Seeds 1-4 draw 13-16 R16. Maria can't be drawn in the same quarter as Zvonareva, Kirilenko, or Petrova, so Lisicki is 100% guaranteed to be her opponent.
That's such a load of bullshit btw :lol: Ugh.
Is the Olympics they don't want countries meeting in early rounds if its unnecessary. I think its a good idea.

Like look at 2008, Russia wouldn't have had the ability to get all 3 medals had that rule not been in place.
I know, I'm just pissed cuz I'm a Maria fan. I wouldn't care otherwise :lol:
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