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Delaware Smash def. New York Buzz 23-11

MS: Becker (NYB) def. Goldstein (DEL) 5-3

WS: Reeves (DEL) def. Perry (NYB) 5-0

MD: Goldstein/Humphries (DEL) def. Becker/Bower (NYB) 5-1

WD: Huber/Reeves (DEL) def. de Villiers/Perry (NYB) 5-1

MX: Huber/Humphries (DEL) def. de Villiers/Bower (NYB) 5-4(3)

Match Notes / Substitutions / SuperTieBreaker:
de Villiers substituted for Perry in Women's Singles at 0-4

Newport Beach Breakers def. New York Sportimes 23-18

MX: Sharapova/Eagle (NPB) def. Irvin/Ferreira (NYS) 5-3

MD: Eagle/MacPhie (NPB) def. McEnroe, J/Ferreira (NYS) 5-4(3)

MS: McEnroe, J (NYS) def. MacPhie (NPB) 5-4(3)

WD: Irvin/Peng (NYS) def. Sharapova/Dyrberg (NPB) 5-4(3)

WS: Sharapova (NPB) def. Irvin (NYS) 5-1
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