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will be OWNED!

by the time my Legal Boi has finished with Poe, i'll be the new owner of this site and yuor ass will be mine

of yuo tards who piss & moan at Poe and the admin don't realize how good yuo've got it

well, when i'm the boss, things are gonna be different

for one thing, this donation thingy is a pile of crock! it's gonna be full commericalization and that means SUBSCRIPTION ONLY

yuo wanna post a topic? fuck YUO! pay me!

yuo want a new avatar? fuck YUO! pay me!

yuo wanna change yuor name? fuck YUO! pay me!

yuo wanna post a pic of yuor favorite player with a false cheesy smile on her face? fuck YUO! pay me!

1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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