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This happend during Wimbledon 2001, when Elia def Stevenson.
Look what the article said about what happend, coming from Elia's own mouth....

"By Elia's account, her victory was a popular one in the women's tennis community.

"Nobody likes her except the Williams sisters," Elia said of Stevenson.

Before taking the court, Elia said she had been encouraged by other players. Entering the locker room following her conquest, Elia said she was applauded. "

Do you think the players still don't like Alexandra, or during the time to where we are now, everything changed? I think it's a little bit too much...
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I know it's a little bit too late for this, but there must be people in here, like me, who get shocked about what happend, if there was true.... I want to know your opinion about this... I really didn't liked it, cause I like Alex, and this kind of reaction is a little bit out of the line.. <IMG SRC="smilies/mad.gif" border="0">

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#1 this kind of reaction is the norm

#2 what goes on behind the scenes sometimes is so over exagerrated.

#3 well she's proud and sometimes people can't handle that.

#4 Alex is gonna win slams one day <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> Wimby will be hers .. wait and see

#5 Go Alex! fearless 4some rule <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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Alot of parents, coaches and other people rub people the wrong way so I am not buying that one. Jelena's dad was silly and she is well liked and treated nice.

But I wouldn't call it the WTA because everyone is not the same. Their are some nice people on the women's tour. Hell imho those who are picking on her are getting their asses kicked in the tennis game anyway so who cares? NOT that elia is saying rude crap, but I am sure that whoever is being cruel is getting theres somewhere or somehow. <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

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I heard stories like these too.

Anna is disliked by almost everyone but Martina, I think it is because Anna is a little proud and people are jealous of her looks and fame and wealth.

Alex is hated mostly because of her mom. Her mom is kinda of a boostful, and that just annoys people. Sure Damir is pesky too, but he doesn't go around insulting other people.

Venus and Serena are not that popular either, esp with Martina. It is mainly because they seldom talk to any one else besides among themselves though Monica seems to have been talking to Serena a few times and Lindsay did say that Serena was a friendly person.

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We are living in troubled times right now because of what happened Sept. 11.

I can longer read posts like these with out thinking to myself all this pettiness and cattiness that supposedly transpires on tour is just purely trivial.

We have bigger things to worry about now.

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I just don't understand whay they hate Alexandra cause of her mom.... Like her was guilty of all the bullshits her mom did..... Actually is otherwise.. When Samantha make something wrong, or say ones of that sentences like :
"Say to Lindsay that she is nº1 on my refrigerator." (When Lindsay won Alexandra in Wimbly she was nº1 <IMG SRC="smilies/tongue.gif" border="0">)
They say Alexandra is responsable....

I can say that Anna still have the advantage.. Cause she has the midia for her, and Alex, only living on Tennis, and that´s all

Now good news : <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">
When Alexandra won Julie Halard in Wimbledon 99, she said that Serena helped her before the match <IMG SRC="smilies/wink.gif" border="0">, I just thought that so cute, and so great, I hope the Williams sis, can help in someway Alexandra, with their experience on tour..

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Imho I think the HATE is grossly exagerrated concerning all the above mentioned players. Iroda gave Venus a compliment not to long ago. And Jelena and even Justine Henin respect Venus as a player. Alex will be fine. Anna too. They really need to focus on winning a title now. Oh Venus .. well she is alright.. she is holding her own. Making bucks kicking ass and has earned the respect as a great tennis player <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0"> Who can argue with 4 slams and all of them back to back?

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I think some of it is due to the parents but at the end of the day, it's the players themselves that make others like them or not.

As hard as it may be to hear, maybe Alex is arrogant and isn't nice to others.

It isn't racism either because Chanda Rubin is black and she's well respected. Jelena says she likes Venus, Serena and in fact talks a lot with Richard.

I think it just may be arrogant comments and not having enough respect for other players. If you give respect, you get it back.

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no comment. I just know that some of it is due to ALex being NOT white. no comment regarding Jelena and the word arrogance. Nope Nada .. mouth is shut, words are not gonna be written. Go Jelena and Alex and Venus and Anna and oh..go Rita <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">

Has anyone ever heard what Alex has said at the end of the day? I haven't heard her say much imho. Heck she's barely in the maindraws anymore. She is stigmatised plain and simple. Just like many Americans are being right now.

[ October 13, 2001: Message edited by: Dawn Marie ]

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Dawn Marie:

If Alex is dislike, it is not because of her Mom or her race.

Earlier this year, Alex was interviewd by ESPN magazine. You may be able to find the artlcie online. In the interview, Alex makes rude and disparaging remarks about Martina Hingis and Lindsay. She also projects an unpleasant "victim" attitude.

It was this interview which turned me against Alex. To me she is the opposite of Serena and Venus, who would never, ever say the catty things Alex did to a reporter.

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Learning of how some players treat Alexandra Stevenson sickens me. It's always those Europeans, like the French and Italians, who are causing this crap. I of course, exclude the Russian girls from this. These girls need to grow up, and forget about their ill feelings towards others. Stevenson can't defend herself because she is not a mean person. This "hate" crap doesn't happen in men's tennis. The guys seem to get along fine. One of the bad aspects of women's tennis is the obvious hatred that goes on. But we can't blame it on girls just being girls. Can we?

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she may be proud

but i hope no one is seriously being mean to her. she might just breakdown and pull out of the tour altogether, which means we'll lose an unpolished talent.

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Didn't you read my post, cat? Alex has brought some of this on herself.

But to some extent, you are right. Most of the players are so insulated from the real world that they are emotionally still 14-year-olds even when they hit their 20s. And this is exactly how 14-year-old girls act.

For the most part, guys yell at each other and it is over. Girls rarely yell at each other; they snip and snipe about each other behind their backs. The very thing Alex did in the interview I mentioned, in fact! <IMG SRC="smilies/redface.gif" border="0">

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Janie, I don't think Alex has ever treated people nearly as badly as she has been treated. As for the interview, Alexandra showed she has some maturing to do, too. By the way Janie, was that you or Dawn Marie who amazingly predicted Jelena over Elena 6-3 6-3 in the Kremlin Cup final. I want to talk to that great predictor about tomorrows NFL games!

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Venus wasn't very popular in the locker room in 1997 or 1998, and people applauded her losses. Venus STILL isn't popular in the locker room. But players don't applaud her losses anymore. A) She doesn't lose much. B) Those players know that sooner or later,THEY'LL have to play Venus, and Venus has made it clear she remembers EVERY loss, and why she lost.

I hope Alex comes back and kicks EVERYBODY'S ass. But that's on Alex. She has the physical ability to be WAY better than she is.

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The espn interview for anyone interested

Up Close with A. Stevenson

Alexandra Stevenson made history when she became the first female qualifier to
advance to the Wimbledon semifinals. In addition to overpowering serves and
mammoth ground strokes, her game is enhanced by the extreme confidence and
vengeance she brings to the court.

The same traits her father, Dr. J., brought to the basketball court.

Julius Erving, the Basketball Hall of Famer, has admitted that he is the father of the
18-year-old tennis phenom. In a recent appearance on ESPN's Up Close,
Stevenson told host Gary Miller that she does not forsee Erving becoming a
significant part of her life. She did, however, show appreciation for Dr. J's
accomplishments as an athlete.

"He's a great athlete and I'm fortunate to have some of his genes," Stevenson said.
"My mom's family has great athletes too, so it's a great mix, and I think he's a great

The following is an edited transcript of Stevenson's interview:

Miller: It seems to us, to the world, that you just happened all of a sudden
(reaching the semifinals at Wimbledon), does it feel that way?

Stevenson: Well actually, not to me because I always knew it was going to
happen. I guess it did happen all of a sudden because I did so well.

Miller: You knew it was going to happen, this soon?

Stevenson: Sure, I've been waiting for it. When I boarded the plane to England, I
knew something big was going to happen because my mom gave me the ultimatum,
"either do really well this summer or go to college" and although I want to go to
college later, I didn't want to go right away. I knew I had to make something big
happen or else I was going to have to go off to UCLA in a couple of months.

Miller: Why was it going to be different, I mean, it is Wimbledon. Normally,
people make their successes at a little bit of a lesser tournament?

Stevenson: I've always loved Wimbledon and it's always been my goal to win
Wimbledon and Wimbledon has always seemed like my backyard, like I belong
there. So when I got there I was like "I belong here, I'm ready" and it happened. I
didn't win it, so I can't say I achieved my great goal. I still have a way to go on that

Miller: Do you realize the magnitude of your accomplishment, being the
first female to come to the qualifying ranks and then make it to the final

Stevenson: I think it's great. I'm very excited to be compared to John McEnroe. I
love him, he's a great competitor and he's really funny and very smart and I love
watching him commentate and I hope to meet him. Actually, it would be really cool
to play mixed doubles with him at the U.S Open. I think that would sell a lot of

Miller: Was there a point where you thought you were going to win

Stevenson: Sure, I did. In qualifying I always knew I could go all the way through
and then I kept going and going and I'm like "I can win this thing." In the semifinals,
it hit me that I was a little tired and I had used up all my energy and Lindsay
Davenport played like a champion, obviously, she played really well. There I am
now, it wasn't my best match and so it didn't happen, but hopefully it will happen
next year.

Miller: Could you clear up the spat between you and (Lindsay) Davenport?
Did she not treat you very well coming along?

Stevenson: I really haven't had a conversation with her so I can't say that. I know
she says things in the newspapers, but she has to be careful with the things she says,
I don't think she means to say them, maybe she does, but I read some of them. But
I tape all the quotes up that the girls on the Tour say on my refrigerator. I look at
them and say "OK, next time I going to beat you when I play you," so it gets me
ready. My mom and I have a competition to see who can get the best quotes out
the paper and the Internet.

Miller: How were you not affected by the things that came out during

Stevenson: Actually, in Wimbeldon I didn't read anything, I just focused on my
tennis. When I'm at home I'll read the paper and I'll read when I'm not in a
tournament, but when I'm in a tournament I usually don't read papers. Until I lose
and I want to see what the girls say, or when I win and I want to see what they say.
But during a tournament I just stay really focused and I'm kind of in my own little
world and no one can touch me, no one bothers me, I don't read any outside news
or anything.

Miller: Did the taunting from lesbians and on the racial issues that
happened in the past and in England, was it unfortunate that timing came
out in Wimbledon and was it overblown?

Stevenson: Due to these spectacular tabloids that love to blow things out of
proportion, I'm going to have to say that they definitely blew this out of proportion
and they took words my mom and everybody else said and they changed the words
into lesbianism and racism, like "lifestyle" meant lesbianism, which it doesn't.
Lifestyle has a lot of different definitions and so I think they just blew a lot of things
out of proportion, but they're going to do that, so you learn next time "just don't

Miller: What in your eyes crosses the line of being competitive and getting
under your opponents' skin? What are some examples of things that have
happened to you that you feel are uncalled for?

Stevenson: I just think that the girls on the Tour ... it's hard because it is a
competitive area and you want to be competitive, but you don't want to be rude
and outside the court you should be able to take it off the court. Some girls have
trouble doing that, but then some girls don't, it just depends on both sides. I think
it's easier on the men's side. Men tend to just take it off the court and whatever, or
they go have a fight and it's over. Girls are totally different than guys, obviously, but
men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Girls have trouble, like in school
you get in a fight and you hold a grudge for a week or a year and it's just tougher
when your in a close environment on a Tour and playing each other week after

Miller: You've been called the "N" word before and, similar to Tiger
Woods, you describe your nationality, it's too hard to get it all down, how do
you describe yourself?

Stevenson: I describe myself as multicultural and actually I'm eight things. But
another funny story: My history teacher last year, Mr. Torrance, came up with this
term, because is was about seven of us who are mixed and it was a pretty good
ratio. He called us "Halfrikans" so I thought that was kind of funny. But I perceive
myself as multicultural and actually when people ask me what I am, I tell them I'm a
human being just like you are, and I just think people take the racism out of
proportion. Because in the end you're just a person, you're the same, you eat,
breathe, and sleep.

Miller: After the story came out that Julius Erving was your father and you
did the Barbara Walters interview, it is hard for us to believe that you don't
have more curiosity about who he is.

Stevenson: No, because he's not a part of my life. I've grown up with my mom
and I've had everything I ever wanted. He's just my biological father, but the
definition of a father is someone that takes care of you and helps you out and I've
had my mom for both parenting jobs. I've never wondered or cared; its never
bugged me, I've never been curious about it.

Miller: So you don't care much about his records and what he did?

Stevenson: Actually, I think it's great what he did and he's a great athlete and I'm
fortunate to have some of his genes; my mom's family has great athletes too, so it's a
great mix and I think he's a great athlete.

Miller: For so long Erving denied the story but finally admitted it publicly,
how did you feel that first day?

Stevenson: Well, maybe he was confused. I don't know what he was thinking, but,
I mean, whatever he says. I just think that it was kind of dumb to first say "no" and
then say "yes," cause it doesn't make you look very smart, but oh well.

Miller: Do you think you'll meet him soon, since your both public figures?

Stevenson: No, I don't plan to. I'm just going to stay with my mom and focus on
my tennis and I have a great career ahead of me. I'm just getting started.

Miller: You're so bubbly, nothing really seems to get to you?

Stevenson: No, I mean everything everyone is blowing out of proportion and
writing headlines about, and racing to write the next story. I've known forever so its
old news, it's not new to me, it's not shocking. I think it's actually funny, it's kind of
hysterical when you think about it, people are making such a big deal about it. It's
just comical.
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