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I just got an email from in Demand. Last year they carried several tournaments (pay per view). I requested a schedule and this is their response:


We do not yet have an agreement with WTA to carry their matches this season,
however, we hope to have one soon.

We will post information to our website as soon as it becomes available.

Thanks for your interest!

~ I hope they do it again. Last year they covered
EUROCARD Ladies German Open,
Italian Open,
Rogers and AT&T Canada Cup,
Toyota Princess Cup,
Sparkassen Cup International ,
Ladies Kremlin Cup,
Porsche Tennis Grand Prixt,
Swisscom Challenge,
Switzerland Generali Ladies Linz

You could get the whole tournament for $19.95 USD or pay per day at $9.95 USD :)

The announcers were Virginia Wade and Randy Rosenbloom doing play-by-play.

This new CEO of the Sanex Tour better get moving on an agreement!
Hmm, I should send him an email too. :eek:

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Up date for Eurosport viewers.

For Eurosport Viewers :)

Scottsdale 3rd Mar (just final) LIVE

Indian Wells 11th Mar 16th Mar LIVE

Ericcson Open 24th Mar 30th Mar LIVE

Amelia Island 12th Apr 14th Apr LIVE

FC Cup (Charleston) 18th Apr 21st Apr LIVE

Hamburg 30th Apr 5th May RX

German Open 7th Apr 12th Apr RX

Italian Open 13th May 19th May LIVE 5 hours a day

French Open 27th May 9th June LIVE

Edgbaston Tbc Tbc Tbc

Eastbourne 19th June 22nd June LIVE

Wimbledon Highlights 24th June 7th July RX

Stanford 29th July (just final) RX

San Diego 4th Aug (semi) 5th Aug (final) RX

L.A. 12th Aug (just final) RX

Canadian Open 12th Aug 18th Aug LIVE 3 hours a day

New Haven 22nd Aug 24th Aug LIVE

US Open 26th Aug 8th Sep LIVE

Tokyo (Princess Cup) 21st Sep 22nd Sep RX

Leipzig 24th Sep 29th Sep LIVE

Moscow (I heard Beijing are buying this week though) 1st Oct 6th Oct LIVE

Zurich 15th Oct 20th Oct LIVE

Linz 22nd Oct 27th Oct LIVE

Munich 29th Oct 3rd Nov LIVE

:) No Paris :(

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Yeah, Meesh, I received the same type of response from iN Demand. I sure hope they receive the deal from WTA, because besides that annoying announcer Cinda Crosby, they have the best coverage. No Commercials!! I just wish they would add some more early year tournaments. Most of the tournaments they show are at the end of the year.

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inDemand might not be covering tennis this year because of the new tennis channel. They might have an exclusive contract.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the tennis channel will have all those fall-indoor tourneys that inDemand had last year.
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