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It is so funny how they say indian wells and miami are a week later- they aren't...The australian season starts later- well not even that-it must be the way the weks fall.
What is odd is now it goes straight frmo Miami to Charleston- no break in between- I think Charleston and amelia Island will loose quality in their fields.
where has Sarasota gone?
I am glas Budapest has moved to the 'hard core' European season.
Apart from Canberra/hobart and Sydney- it is crap that they have 3 events in the same week. what isworse- why is Memphis a week out of the Us spring season. Maybe its is b'c of the mens even- but it makes no sense at all to have Memphis- week off in USA and then Scottsdale...
It is good Fed Cup 2 is right after Wimbledon- but which is Palermo all by itself again?
Palermo should move to either the same week as Montreal- so 3 clay court events are together or maybe the same week as Berlin, so 2 events in Italy are together and gives moe options in the 'hard core' European sason.

The other option I think- and it may be restricted to mens evenst- is to put Estoril and Casablanca in the same weeks as Rome and Berlin and move Bogata and Acapulco into the same weeks as Charleston and Amelia Island. This would be great- no break up of clay events. Other then the mens tournies- weather may be the other problem. Is istoo late to play Bogata and Acapulco in March weather wise?

At the end of the season- why not have Linz/Quebec and Philly/Luxembourg together? It would be good for Lux and Quebec b'c they may attract higher ranked players b'c they would want to play in that area. It also makes sense to have 2 weesk back in Northern America at the end of the season as well....
It really shits me that Pattaya is at the end- of the season. Why have an end of season champiionships when their is aother tounir the same week??
It would be ideal to have it the same week as MOscow. Even better- the Asian season should be
Tokyo-Shanghai-Bali-Pattaya-Tashkent. Geographically is makes sense anyway.

Idf they want to amke the season shorter- why not push all Shangai and then all other events a week earlier and then have fed cup final the week after the Championships? It would then give everyone time out from mid november (so the complaining players who are 'exhausted' to play exhibitions!!!)
1 - 2 of 63 Posts
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