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couple of suggestions
1. schedule change for Down Under....
move Hobartto the same week as Tokyo
to strengthen Canberra's field, so that Nicole and Alicia
can play all the tournaments, and the Asians
will strengthen Canberra as well....

2. move Sopot to the week right after Palermo,
with Palermo being on that spot, lone European tournie
before Montreal and right after Fed Cup
if you want to make Montreal/San Diego into Berlin/Rome combination,
the Sopot has got to be moved to the week after Palermo
and make sure the both Tier I weeks take up 56/48/28 draw

3. put Cincinnati back a week,
i dont like the thought of people who cant make New Haven
have nothing to warm up on before US Open
as many Europeans will come from Greece with
no experience on hardcourt.......

4. exchange Quebec City and Luxemburg,
Quebec is traditionally weak, now it's right beside
a Tier II in America, worse, the European season ended already,
it's better to have Quebec preceding Phildelphia,
and Luxemburg following Linz

5. move Memphis to the same week as Shanghai,
Americans dont really travel to Asia,
so give them another tournament to play afters,
plus, it's not good for Memphis to occupy 3 tournament week

6. i would love to see the new ITF calendars soon,
the higher challengers dates should also be reviewed
for the sake for lower tier tournaments

7. if possible combine Swiss and Russian Open week
into one like Berlin/Rome to make it Indoor special
if the drawsize can be expended with available courts....

8. the Olympics this yr cut down the possibility of
extending the gap b/w RG and Wim.......
but Fed Cup following Wimb.....
that'll affect the field of Fed Cup teams and indirectly Eastbourne,
so they need to look at that

9. with the insertion of Olympics, the tour has become 11 full months,
with only one month to spare, Sydney next yr will probably be hurt somewhat
but we'll probably a lot of players retire, also 08 Olympics might be moved back
so extending the gap b/w Wim and RG will probably mean
sacrifice of European hardcourt tournies


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TheBoiledEgg said:
2004 is along way away
by then who knows what might happen, who is top 20 or whatever.

There is another US event the week before as well at an undisclosed location.

my bet somewhere in Texas.
how about Seatle.....Microsoft Open.....that'll be nice....:)
i'm seeing some retirments ending 2004....
so there are spaces in TOP 20 availabe.....:D
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