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WTA @ the movies!

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Reese Witherspoon,
25, has only been at it since the late '90s, when she took a
leave of absence from Stanford University to try acting, but
already, reports Variety, the "Legally Blonde" star is about
to start commanding an $8 million paycheck. That, says the
trade journal, will be her fee to star in a drama set in the
world of professional women's tennis that begins shooting in
May. In the as-yet-untitled film, Witherspoon is to play a
former wonder-woman of the court who burns out at the U.S.
Open and takes a job as a resident tennis pro at a wealthy
country club. But then there's the climb back to the pro

Interesting....she kinda reminds me of Amanda Coetzer, but it does sound a bit like the Jennifer Capriati story. Stay tuned.......
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I probably won't go to see the movie. It seems like a bad idea.
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