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Consisting solely of videos I could find so this will leave out a few classics (the Rodionova default, Serena/Hantuchova bump, Venus/Sprem, Davenport/Jankovic Beijing, Jankovic/Serena '06, etc.) I'll update the list as you guys find new videos to include. ;)

Evert/Navratilova '88 Wimbledon MP Controversy

Graf storms off the court vs. Sabitini

Jana Novotna's Wimbledon Choke

Venus vs. Umpire-1998 Wimbledon

Monica Seles Stabbing

Zvereva mocks Pierce

Kournikova/Novotna Darkness/Bathroom Break/Crying


The Bump

Capriati's Aussie Open tantrum

Serena vs. Hingis (Formal Education)

Williams Sisters Indian Wells Controversy

Kournikova vs. BBC

The Hand

Krajicek faints

Serena-'04 US Open

Serena-'09 US Open (Shinogate)

Serena-'11 US Open


Mauresmo vs. Umpire in Rome


Henin retires in a GS final

Sharapova pulls a Justine (vs. Peer)

Mary Pierce tears her ACL

Sharapova hits Serena (and gets a death stare in return)


Sharapova vs. Umpire

Liezel Huber doesn't like to be hit

Vaidisova is angry

Schnyder and her husband vs. Hantuchova

Hantuchova isn't fond of "Ajde" or shoe squeaks

Azarenka has a mini-meltdown against Petrova

Dokic/Kleybanova injury drama

This is MY home

Razzano/Bartoli Handshake Fail

Chakvetadze vs. Israel

Peer laughs at the crowd mocking Sharapova

Sharapova silences the Israeli crowd (and Peer at the net)

Pennetta vs. Umpire (and Wickmayer isn't happy)

Serena calls Justine a beech

Serena will get Martinez Sanchez in the lockerroom (and Peak Lakeisha)

Kvitova Screams

Azarenka faints

Allez! Up your f_cking ass

Pennetta flicks off the Umpire

Zvonareva Meltdown

Azarenka's Doha code violations

Zvonareva destroys her racket

Radwanska vs Nouni


Wozniacki/Lisicki Bump

Rezai vs. Strycova Handshake Fail

Kirilenko Hindrance #1

Kirilenko Hindrance #2

Chakvetadze collapses


Safina: Ballboy, Y U NO LISTEN?!

Jankovic mocks Ivanovic

Serena/Bacsinszky ("Drop shot THAT"/"Fat Bitch")

Rezai/Larcher de Brito Handshake

Dokic injures herself while winning against Dementieva

Jankovic explains why she lost to Oudin

Rome and Madrid


Wozniacki Cramps

Zvonareva vs. Nouni

Jankovic vs. Serena tiebreak drama ("I'm not Justine")

Lisicki is seriously injured (and Rodionova doesn't really care)


Huber gets hit...again

Hantuchova vs Umpire

Azarenka gets testy (up 5-1)

Lepchenko hurts herself at Wimbledon

Wickmayer gives Riske a bitch-slap high-five

Zvonareva isn't fond of lip-reading

Venus vs. Aussie Open Umpire

Zahlavova mocks Venus

Wozniacki vs. Umpire

Huber vs. Mirza/Vesnina

Li tears up in Aussie Open press conference

Radwanska's racket commits suicide

Wozniacki/Sharapova Miami MP controversy

Isn't she back in Poland already?

Sharapova/Azarenka Bump

Lisicki injures her ankle and receives comfort from Serena

Petkovic ankle injury

Sharapova stops and restarts play


Wozniacki vs RG umpire

Cirstea/Cibulkova linecalling fails (and "Out" incident)

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Great thread. Serena's in about half of them
Well, you are going to have drama moments when the entire tour is against you. Racism and bigotry is hard to fight. Given what she has had to overcome on tour, it makes her dominance that much more amazing. Every match she goes into her opponent essentially has the home field advantage......... and yet she still wins.

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I completely forgot Sharapova's petulant behavior when Golovin injured herself. At the time I genuinely couldn't believe what I was seeing!

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Serena Williams, the Queen of Drama. This is one chick you dont mess with, she will take you OUT.

I hate Asderaki, shes highly annoying and im glad Serena took her ass down.

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Caro's cramp.

Bepa VS Nouni ("so stupid!")

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