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WTA Dallas F: Erakovic (NZL) + Watson (GBR) def. Falconi (USA) + Dekmeijere (LAT)

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6-3 6-0 :bounce:

Capture their second title together after some very good wins in both tournaments.

How do we rate their chances as a doubles team and what can we expect in the USO ??

Go Marina and Heather :angel:
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They've had some good results. 2 titles is pretty good. A nice draw and they can make progress in the open. I think long term they could turn into a spears/Kops-Jones team, not really threatening at slams but capable of beating the top teams. Or they could go there seperate ways. I don't know how Watson/Robson is looking for long term potential or if it's just a Wimbledon/Fed Cup/Olympics pairing.
I think it was just that. Great partnership with Erakovic
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