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STAMFORD, CONNECTICUT (TICKER) -- The WTA Tour has canceled an upcoming tournament in Indonesia due to an escalation of political unrest in the area in the wake of the United States' military action in Afghanistan.

The WTA took the action to ensure the safety of its players after consulting with its security experts.

The tournament, scheduled to begin on October 29 in Surabaya, will remain on the WTA calendar for next year.

"It was a painful decision because of steps taken by the tournament staff and their sponsors to ensure a terrific event," WTA CEO Bart McGuire said. "However, with the increased instability in the area, we decided, together with tournament management and our security experts, that the event had to be canceled as a precautionary measure."

The Wismilak International was held at Bali, Indonesia from September 24-30, less than two weeks after the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington.

"It is extremely disappointing to have to cancel this tournament, especially as we were able to present such a successful event just a short time ago in the same region," tournament director Kevin Livesey said. "We just completed the resurfacing of all the show courts and we are ready to play. However, due to the recent developments, everybody understands it is in the best decision."

The WTA is not the only sports organization affected by the military strikes in Afghanistan. The LPGA recently canceled an event scheduled in Jeru, Korea from October 19-21.
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