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Hi Guys,

Not sure if this has been posted but here is some interesting news.


New York, N.Y. - The ATP and WTA Tour announced today the formation of “One Game,’’ a joint program designed to enhance the operational efficiencies of both organizations and grow professional tennis worldwide.

The “One Game” program was created by a WTA Tour and ATP task force, which was formed to explore and develop synergies between the two global organizations. Initially, “One Game’’ will focus on five strategic areas: (1) IT/New Media, (2) Research, (3) Education, (4) Administrative and Operational efficiencies, and (5) Marketing and Promotions.

The first initiative of the “One Game” program involves the creation of the Tennis Internet Group, a shared services venture to produce and market and, the two leading professional tennis Web sites. The Tennis Internet Group will also produce Web sites for ATP and WTA Tour tennis tournaments and other tennis-related New Media and technology products.

The joint web operations initiative, which involves shared management, staff and technology, will bolster the New Media presence of both organizations and provide and users with enhanced content and dynamic new features utilizing the latest technology. The Tennis Internet Group will assume daily operational and technical responsibilities of the web sites, and will launch new and improved flagship web sites for the 2004 season.

“Since joining the WTA Tour four months ago, one of my highest priorities has been to bring greater unity to professional tennis,” WTA Tour Chief Executive Officer Larry Scott said. “We have already made important concrete progress towards this end with the ATP and expect to announce additional initiatives under the “One Game” program in the coming months that are in the best interests of both organizations and the game as a whole. In this same spirit, we will continue to participate in ongoing positive discussions with the other governing bodies in tennis.”

Said Mark Miles, ATP Chief Executive Officer: “Our expectation is that these are the first of several collaborative efforts to provide enhanced products and services for tennis fans as well as our tournament and player members. We are unique organizations but we share similar goals to grow the game, so we will continue to seek to find creative ways to work together.”

The creation of the Tennis Internet Group follows a recent series of collaborative efforts between the ATP and the WTA Tour, including:

Junior Education - The first ever juniors’ orientation program held at this year’s Wimbledon Championships, which was designed to acquaint elite junior players with life on the pro tours;

Coaches Education - A coaches’ symposium, attended by 35 leading men’s and women’s player coaches, was conducted in New York City prior to this year’s US Open. The latest advancements and “best practices” in coaching, training and sports medicine were discussed;

Research - A collective approach using the same software system (to be developed by a vendor to be chosen in the coming weeks) to monitor and evaluate injuries, performance, nutrition and training of all professional tennis players;

Administration - The London-based staff of the WTA Tour and ATP now share joint office space in Roehampton;

Promotions - A joint awards ceremony to be held in 2004;

Media - Coordinated production of the 2004 WTA Tour and ATP media guides used by the media and sold to the public.
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