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WTA 2002: The Onrushing Tide vs The Multiple GS champions

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Otherwise known as "Life in the Top Ten"

The Onrushing Tide - "we're young, we're hungry, and we want more."

Kim Clijsters<br />Serena Williams<br />Justine Henin<br />Jelena Dokic<br />Amelie Mauresmo

The Multiple GS Champs - "We're injured, overweight and out of shape. But who's doing all the winning?"

Lindsay Davenport<br />Jennifer Capriati<br />Venus Williams<br />Martina Hingis<br />Monica Seles

When you watch The Onrushing Tide play, their ascension seems inevitable. So fast, so powerful, so agile.

But the Multiple GS winners are a much calmer bunch (except JC). They take care of business. THey have 25 GS singles titles between them. The Onrushing tide has one.

That's my theme for 2002.

"The Onrushing Tide vs The Multiple GS champions"
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The players that I can see from Onrushin group, winning a Grand Slam, probably in 2002, are<br />Serena Williams<br />Kim Clijsters<br />and Justine Henin

Jelena Dokic, hmm so much pressure to her,<br />Amelie Mauresmo, usually choking in Grand Slams

So Serena, (USOpen's 2001 Runner-up); Kim (Roland Garros's 2001 Runner-up); and Justine (Wimbledon's 2001 Runner up) have more chances than Amelie or Jelena <img src="wink.gif" border="0">
And where exactly does Martina Hingis fit in all this? lol <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

I like Jelena and she has game to me. I think she could very well win a slam next year. But that will only be RG then after that she has not a chance YET. Serena will win a slam next year imho. She will rise in ranks. It is time <img src="smile.gif" border="0">
Dawn - To be subtle about it, either Martina will get it together, or she's gonna be roadkill.
I think 2002 will be the best year yet,if all stay injury free!We should have the most competative year ever with lots of great rivalries!
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