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WSC Tour Presented By SV_FAN (WSC IS BACK! ! ! ! !) (SV_FAN Cup Winner: Sharapova)

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Game Concept:WPTT

Warren's Schedule Challenge

Hey everyone!!! Yep, I'm running a much easier to manage game since I was asked to do it!!! It's pretty much like WPTT was, but with a tripped out schedule that balances just about every surface. We will have fun, and because this game is super easy to score, it should last for a while!!!


1. Select Your Players

Choose two Top 100 or Retired Grand Slam Winner (Strictly Enforced)

2. Select Your Surface for each player Preferences
Reboud Ace - Clay - Grass - Hard - Indoor

3. How To Send Points

Best Surface: 200 points
Second Surface: 190 points
Third Surface: 180 points
Fourth Surface: 170 points
Fifth Surface: 160 points
PC Players: 160 points
Neutral Surface: 200 points

Divide Points Into These 13 Attributes:

Forehand CC:
Backhand CC:
Forehand DL:
Backhand DL:


Best Surface 200 Points

Serve: 15
Return: 15
Forehand CC: 15
Backhand CC: 15
Speed: 15
Footwork: 15
Volley: 15
Lob: 10
Mental: 10
Power: 20
Touch: 25
Forehand DL: 15
Backhand DL: 15
= 200

4. Scoring

Each attribute will be selected at random. Whoever has the highest number in the selected attribute wins the game. It's really fun and even when you reach the top you will still have to strategize to win against the top players. Then, and only then will luck come into play.

Here is how matches will be played
All players attributes will be put into a random list sequencer at Whatever order the list comes out in is how the set will be scored (from top to bottom). Here is an example of a set between Amelie Mauresmo and Mashona Washington.

Each player has 200 points

A. Mauresmo's Attributes
Return: 10
Forehand CC:20
Backhand CC:10
Mental: 20
Power: 25
Touch: 10
Forehand DL: 20
Backhand DL: 15

M. Washington's Attributes
Serve: 20
Return: 10
Forehand CC: 25
Backhand CC: 25
Speed: 20
Footwork: 09
Volley: 20
Lob: 10
Mental: 10
Power: 10
Touch: 10
Forehand DL: 11
Backhand DL: 20

For the first set the list sequence is:
10 :Volley: 20
10 :Speed: 20
20 :Mental: 10
20 :Forehand DL: 11
10 :Touch: 10
20 :Footwork: 09
20 :Forehand CC: 25
10 :Lob: 10
10 :Return: 10
10 :Backhand CC: 25
20 :Serve: 20
15 :Backhand DL: 20
25 :power: 10

If players are evenly matched in an attribute, a coin-toss will decide the winner of that game. The list will be re-shuffled for each set.

5. Schedule

After we play the first two events (which will be on neutral surfaces), you will begin selecting your schedule for each season. I will post a thread for season schedules after the first two events. For now you guys make look at the schedule in order to help select your surface preferences.

6. Doubles

Each Event Will Have 8 Doubles Teams Max. PC doubles teams will fill in the draws win necessary. All doubles teams use 200 points including PC players!!! Both doubles players must send points. Points will be alternated each round.Because of two tournaments a week there will be no permanent doubles teams although you many play with the same person as much as you like. You will have a combined doubles ranking, unless partners are switched.

Indian Wells Tier I (Neutral Surface) - Everyone Use 200 Points
Miami Tier I (Neutral Surface) - Everyone Use 200 Points

Gold Coast Tier III (PC)
Sydney Tier I (PC)
Brisbane IV (PC)
Moorilla Tier III (PC)
Australian Open GS (PC)

BNP Paribas Open Mandatory (Neutral)
Sony Ericsson Open Mandatory (Neutral)

Clay Season
Amelia Island Tier II (CL)
Charleston Tier I (CL)
Berlin Tier I (CL)
Estoril Tier III(CL)
Rome Tier I (CL)
Roland Garros GS (CL)

Eastbourne II(GR)
The Championships Wimbledon GS (GR)

Hard Court Season
Los Angeles Tier II (H)
Montreal Tier I (H)
New Haven Tier II (H)
Stanford II (H)
Stockholm III (H)
San Diego Tier I (H)
US Open GS (H)

Indoor Court Season
Tokyo Tier I (I)
Beijeng Tier II (I)
Kolkata III (I)
Stuttgart Tier II (I)
Moscow Tier I (I)
Zurich Tier I (I)

Season 1 World Championships

Sign-Up Below With Your Player and Surface preferences. You may change surfaces after Miami and before the rebound ace season.

so here are the rules now you can make the thread in the game section.

Taken Players
Venus Williams- Manutoo
Svetlana Kuznetsova- Manutoo
Serena Williams- Marco Tennis
Aleksandra Wozniak- Marco Tennis
Nicole Vaidisova- GracefulVenus
Mashona Washington- GracefulVenus
Jelena Jankovic- No Mercy!!!
Andrea Petkovic- No Mercy!!!
Karolina Sprem- Tennisfan_77
Ana Ivanovic- Tennisfan_77
Lindsay Davenport- Champion88
Flavia Pennetta- Champion88
Dinara Safina- Karat0589
Martina Hingis- Karat0589
Maria Sharapova- Shafanovic
Victoria Azarenka- Shafanovic
Daniela Hantuchova- Daniela-Is-Mine
Magdalena Rybarikova- Daniela-Is-Mine
Justine Henin-Kiera
Caroline Wozniacki-Kiera
Michelle Larcher De Brito-Calliope
Maria Kirilenko- Calliope​
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Re: Wsc Is Back !!!!!!!

Venus Williams
Rebound Ace

Svetlana Kuznetsova
Rebound Ace

yay WSC is back :bounce:
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Re: Wsc Is Back !!!!!!!

I change Serena to Azarenka so marco can have serena..
Re: WSC Tour Presented By SV_FAN (WSC IS BACK! ! ! ! !)

I want a exo!
Re: WSC Tour Presented By SV_FAN (WSC IS BACK! ! ! ! !)

how many points can we use?
Re: WSC Tour Presented By SV_FAN (WSC IS BACK! ! ! ! !)

I sent :bounce:

can I do one exo before I go to bed in like 1 hour please? :sad:
Re: WSC Tour Presented By SV_FAN (WSC IS BACK! ! ! ! !)

yay so can us two play an exo? :bounce:
Re: WSC Tour Presented By SV_FAN (WSC IS BACK! ! ! ! !)

not everyone will send points I dont think you should include everyone in the draw :shrug:

can me and Kiera play exos?
Re: WSC Tour Presented By SV_FAN (WSC IS BACK! ! ! ! !)

yes yes that is nice but send points so i can have my domination on this tour!
Re: WSC Tour Presented By SV_FAN (WSC IS BACK! ! ! ! !)

he cant do everything at once :lol:

thanks for the livescore and my match

Venus :bounce:
Re: WSC Tour Presented By SV_FAN (WSC IS BACK! ! ! ! !)

Um yes its similar but you only use one attribute per set in WSC.

in WPT its a random pick on what attribute will be used

and no I came up with my own strategy..I wouldnt cheat just to win I play fair :shrug:
Re: WSC Tour Presented By SV_FAN (WSC IS BACK! ! ! ! !)

Oh ok :)
Re: WSC Tour Presented By SV_FAN (WSC IS BACK! ! ! ! !)

Congrats Justine..she is a fighter :sad:
Re: WSC Tour Presented By SV_FAN (WSC IS BACK! ! ! ! !)

SV_FAn when will we start the season?

you run the game really well keep it up :yeah:
Re: WSC Tour Presented By SV_FAN (WSC IS BACK! ! ! ! !)

you have to request one first.. :p
Re: WSC Tour Presented By SV_FAN (WSC IS BACK! ! ! ! !)

:confused: ^^
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