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WOW! Clijsters and Dokic is a 3rd set 6-1 3-6 1-1 for Kim

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I cant believe this! :eek:

Dokic back in form?
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Jelena 5-4, serving for the match
vamos kim :fiery:
5-4 jelena
KIM must break to stay in the match.
nope Daniel, Kim just won her serve, it's on Jelena's serve and NOW she's serving for the match =)
Moment of Truth
oh no i'm so nervous
well, well.....Dokic IS back!
Dokic!!!!!! Omg!!!!!!!!!!!! U Rule Grl!! Confidence!!!
WOW, well done Jelena
congratulations jelena
Great performance by Jelena! :eek:

Her serve :yeah:
Interview from Heinz Gunthard (Jelena earlier Coach)
Some Comments;
Jelena: i think so we both hit ball hard go for everything, first set pretty quick>
Jelena went for shots so she wouldnt get as tense against No.1
She says she needed to sort out game Life, she worked hard last 3 months
Didnt think she was motivated and focused. And she is motivated now.
Justine hits hard also .... Jelena nothing to lose, she going to play best she can
wow.. when Jelena was leading I thought Kim still might win because Jelena is so up and down but Jelena came through.
Jelena :woohoo: you did good girl :bounce:
Congrats Jelena :D
Great comeback from Jelena! :bounce: Hope this will be a turning point for her :bounce:
This is gggreat. Congradulations Jelena and this will hopefully boost ur confidence for next year. Great tournament
21 - 40 of 42 Posts
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