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Would someone here like to draft a letter to ESPN recommending...

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A HOOKED ON PHONICS course for miss Pammy Shriver. :haha:

She cannot or chooses not to pronounce Dementieva or Pistolesi correctly. How many times will she say "PESTOLESI" or DUH MEN TEE AY VA" :rolleyes: plus she americanize Henin-Hardenne and Hantuchova of course there is Johnny Mac who say " CAHHHH pree AHH ti" :rolleyes:

Would she call Pete Sampras "pesto pete" :haha:
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dava_russianrule said:
My favorite one is Pistolesi, I dont think there is aplyer with more way to pronounce her name.

We all know you say Duh-ment-yu-va not De-ment-ee-a-va
LOl, i have to admit, I have always sed dementieva DEH MEN TEE AY VA :tape:

Anyway, Pam is so great, she is one of the best commentators - too bad those assholes at teh BBC chose to CRIMINALLY underuse her this year and gave the big matches to that useless donkey Tracy Austin.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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