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Would BJK choose Martina N for the Olympics 2004 and who will go in singles ?

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We all know now what I hoped for as long as Sveta/Martina made their way up to the top4 in doubles this year:

Martina is keen on playing the Olympics next year before retiring.

But is it really possible for her ? I read somewhere that you have to be in FedCup twice between 2001 and 2004 and once between 2001/2002 and once between 2003/2004 that is. Wasn´t it ?

If this stuff isn´t the case anymore, let me say that a number of players won´t go to Athens 2004 because it´s so close to the US Open and only those who never been to the Olympics will make themselves available. The case regarding the US should be extremely interesting. I assume that only 3 singles and 1 added doubles player are able to go, wasn´t it.

We have Serena Venus Lindsay Jenn Chanda Meghann ( Monica )

Lisa & Martina N

I would say that no other singles player except the mentioned 4 and Monica added for sentimental reasons if coming back strong in 2004 would be able to go. Meghann and Chanda played FedCup, yes, and they are top10/20 potential, but -if still playing- I see the mentioned 4 as the ones to be chosen. I doubt though that all 4 would be willing to go. I think Lindsay concentrates on the US Open, Jenn should be hot to go but without solving the BJK problem how should she. The Williams, it should be interesting if having won a gold medal once if they are willing to repeat it. I doubt that. We have all singles spots for the US left wide open, therefore even Meghann, Chanda, Lisa or Ashley are "in" for singles.

But if Lisa is "in" for singles, there´s a doubles spot left open, maybe one that makes Lisa/Martina N a team for Athens. With such a weak team for Belgium this forthcoming FedCup in Moscow, I think BJK might make it possible for Martina to go to Athens if nominating her in doubles. Maybe a test for Athens too. Think if Lisa, Martina, Meghann and Chanda as the FedCup team in Moscow.

Who do you think is to got to the Olympics for the US singles and doubles ?
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Billie Jean's fantasy picks:

Jennifer Capriati- singles
Lindsay Davenport/Jennifer Capriati- doubles

But only if she makes the requisite number of courtesy phone calls during the year... :lol:
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