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Would any of you be interested in learning

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About a newly discovered Stategy/Method of play that you could develop and incorporate into your game, that will greatly improve your level of play as well as your winning percentage? I am considering putting out an e-book to help many players acquire this cutting edge information. I have Been a teaching pro For 25 yrs. as well as a playing pro ( Satellite Level).Also I have been fortunate to have had many talented and dedicated students that have achieved a high degree of success. Twenty-some State champions, Many scholarship players, as well as pro-level. But Some of the most satisfying improvement stories are from students that play recreationally, but have improved significantly given the time and committment restrictions they had.
I am hoping that the members of this board could please give me some feedback as to whether or not you would be interested in an e-book under $20 that would explain this strategy, why it works, and show you step by step how to develop it. I have respect for the knowledge and talent that gathers here. My decision to proceed will depend partly on your responses. Thank You!
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Judging by the response, It seems like I should just keep this information for my students only. Thank you to all who showed an interest and posted.
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