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two hours!

Some real horrors--

Evert d. Navratilova 6-0 6-0, Amelia Island, 1981. Marti was out of sorts.

Navratilova d. Austin 5-7 6-1 6-0 at the Family Circle in 1983. Neither held serve until Martina finally won serve at 6-5.

Sanchez d. Graf 6-0 6-2 semis of French. Surely Steffi's worst match ever.

Date beating Sabatini at the Lipton one year(1994?). The score was close, the play was terrible on both sides, with double-faults littered all over court.

Martinez d. Coetzer at the US Open in 199?. Neither attacking AT ALL, and more painful than going to the dentist, not to mention longer.


Jaeger d. Ruzici at the 1980 Us Clay. PUL-LEASE:rolleyes:
Twice as long and twice as deadly to watch as Martinez-Coetzer. A real cure for insomnia. Jeager won 6-0 6-1 in two hours
Several rallies were at or over the 100 mark. Most were moonballs. Ruzici got really daring at one point and came in for a wing volley after a grueling 80 shot rally-just to dump it in the net.
The crowd groaned. The TV announcers said it "put women's tennis back 10 years". Bad-bad day. At least with Steffi's 6-0 6-0 murder of Zvereva Natasha got the pain over with.
1 - 1 of 41 Posts
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