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Worst matches ever you seen?

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I remember people was talking about Williamses meet each other at Wimbledon in 2000 and they were looking forward to see the match so, I was interested to see the match. I find out that the match is WORST ever I seen! :( PFF!

I was happy that Mary Pierce upset Martina Hingis at Roland Garros in 2000 and I was looking forward to see the Final match. Only around two games in the first set and I was totally fell asleep! :eek: Gosh! I can't believe that!

I watched Wimbledon Final last year for no reason. Around four games in the first set and I was fell asleep as well! I was wake up when Venus got MATCHPOINT! :eek: How funny is that!

Martina Hingis domolished Venus Williams at the Australian Open last year! :eek: Poor Venus! :eek:

I remember Anna Kournikova played Amanda Coetzer in exhibition at Melbourne Park last year for Rod Laver charity or somethings like this... they played sooooo serious! :eek: No fun! PFF! That is exhibition! ;)
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One that immediately springs to mind is Venus v Kim USO qf.

That was one ugly match!!!!
Nathalie Dechy vs. Alexandra Stevenson at Canadian Open 2000.
It was on Eurosport - and it was really, really awful. :rolleyes:

Last year - Kim vs. Jen French Open final, the first 2 sets were so bad, without the 3rd set it would have been the worst GS final ever for me.
I agree with godominique that match at canadian open 2000 was realy realy awfully bad<p>second french open final 2000 but that was more because I realy didn`t care who would win and I like to root for somebody(or against;))
Nejedly - Tauziat USOPEN 2001

Omg omg, Nejedly was playing soooooooo bad and Nat who couldnt win, she won in 3 if i remember well i was about to have a heart attack cos i have never seen such a bad match, i was like hey! even i can beat that Nejedly girl dammit! :D

I also remember that Dechy match! :eek: omg! some first rounds are pretty bad indeed!
Hingis beating Julie HD in the German Open final. Coming soon after the best win of Julie's career (against Steffi Graf in the same tournie) the final was shocker...6/0 6/1 in the end I think.

Hingis played very well of course, but Julie completly froze and scarcely won a point in the first set. Couldn't hit a ball in all day.
The worst match I have ever seen would have to be 3rd Round, Wimbledon 2001... Jennifer Capriati vs. Tatiana Panova. It made me wonder how Jennifer ever won two slams, the way she played that day. I don't know how she won!
Goran vs Greg at W'don last year... I had Court 1 seats and I left after the first set to watch something actually decent.

Moral = ground passes rule.
thefreedesigner said:
One that immediately springs to mind is Venus v Kim USO qf.

That was one ugly match!!!!
I could not agree more. It was one of the worst matches that I have ever seen.
Serena vs. Juju at this year's USO. Thanks to Sub <font size=1>(thank you Sub!)</font>, I had tickets to that day's matches and was really looking forward to this one.

I would have been happy enough to see either one winning, but poor Juju was like a deer in the headlights. It was not a pretty sight.
I agree with Kim and Venus USOpen 2001 QF - that was scary.
My pick would be Steffi Graf beating Natasha Zvereva 6-0, 6-0 in the RG final.

I was supporting Graf, but even so to see this exciting talented Russian teenager just freeze like that was horrible. And she never got to a slam final again. :mad:
In person: Conchita vs. Nicole Pratt at Acura '00. It was the longest, ugliest, most boring match I've ever seen...then it was interrupted by rain a few times. I could have seen all the sights in San Diego during the third set alone. Really ugly tennis.

on TV: I agree with the Williams matchups....should be the best tennis around and always disappoints. My personal low, however, was that horrible match at the US Open in '98 between (not picking on her here) Conchita and Amanda Coetzer. It was so bad Mary Carillo was all but apologizing to viewers.
two hours!

Some real horrors--

Evert d. Navratilova 6-0 6-0, Amelia Island, 1981. Marti was out of sorts.

Navratilova d. Austin 5-7 6-1 6-0 at the Family Circle in 1983. Neither held serve until Martina finally won serve at 6-5.

Sanchez d. Graf 6-0 6-2 semis of French. Surely Steffi's worst match ever.

Date beating Sabatini at the Lipton one year(1994?). The score was close, the play was terrible on both sides, with double-faults littered all over court.

Martinez d. Coetzer at the US Open in 199?. Neither attacking AT ALL, and more painful than going to the dentist, not to mention longer.


Jaeger d. Ruzici at the 1980 Us Clay. PUL-LEASE:rolleyes:
Twice as long and twice as deadly to watch as Martinez-Coetzer. A real cure for insomnia. Jeager won 6-0 6-1 in two hours
Several rallies were at or over the 100 mark. Most were moonballs. Ruzici got really daring at one point and came in for a wing volley after a grueling 80 shot rally-just to dump it in the net.
The crowd groaned. The TV announcers said it "put women's tennis back 10 years". Bad-bad day. At least with Steffi's 6-0 6-0 murder of Zvereva Natasha got the pain over with.
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Dechy Vs Stevenson at the 2000 Canadian open was REALLY bad!
And also Venus Vs Kim and Jenifer at the 2001 US open were VERy bad they were just a case of who can hit the ball the hardest?
Pierce vs ASV in Hilton Head 2000...what a PFFFF match!
Williams-Williams at Ericsson and Wimbledon. Anti-tennis..

Capriati vs some Bulgarian girl ( Krivencheva?) at Mahwah last year - it was so crappy, and after that they showed Kuerten-Agassi at LA, which was brilliant, for some time I even doubted I'll ever watch women's tennis again..
Serena Vs Silvia Farina Elia at Munich Masters 2001.

Mary Pierce vs Conchita Martinez @ RG00

Lindsay vs. Steffi - Wimbledon 1999.
Steffi did not do herself justice that day.

Yeh - Capriati vs me at Wimbledon this year - man, I don't how I lost that match cos Jen played crap.
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