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"Women's tennis is a joke"

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The latest quote from Marcelo Rios:
“Like, a girl that is (ranked) 40 is now going to beat (Martina) Hingis?”
Rios used as an example third seed Hingis’ third-round match against unseeded Barbara Rittner on Friday. Hingis beat Rittner 6-1, 6-0 in just 46 minutes.
“It’s like a joke,” Rios said.
“And I think in men’s, that’s not going to happen. Everybody is tough ...You never know, even if you have a bad ranking, anybody can beat you.”

I was just thinking about this the other day. Though I wouldn't state it quite the way that Rios did, there is considerable truth in the statement of this controversial player.

Once one gets past the top ten players, there is quite a fall of in the depth of talent of the remaining women. Almost so much so that it is usually quite rare for a truly competitive match to occur in the first two rounds of a 128 womens draw.

The main reason for this lack of depth could be the diminishing level of athletic ability and strength in the players below the top twenty level. But, as more women begin to get involved in the sport of tennis, the depth level of ability on the WTA tour will not only equal that of the men, but exceed them as well.
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Like I say to myself about so many posters on this board.... Just consider the source.
Women's tennis is a joke...

With regard to Rios' comment..I have to agree with the fact that men's tennis is far more competitive say in the 1 - 20 range while on the women's side its 1 - 10 ranked other words..the top ranked twenty men can win at any time over the other but is reduced to the top 10 women beating each other. But regardless his condemnation of women's tennis as being a "joke" is a bit harsh...they are the most watchable of the two divisions..we have the "Spice Girls" ...some up and coming "babes"...all the top ten gals are lookers with great bods..Rios, on the other hand is out-classed by "class"....This is an interesting tournament in that "Yes" the top 5 seeded players are already knocked out in the men's draw..but that is unusual...afterall injuries did play a part in that! But that leaves the women to have the more compelling matches!! Go girls!:rolleyes: :rolleyes:
VivalaSeles - I understand your point, but a couple of you examples were not quite right. VENUS was still slightly injured and playing somewhat tentative and Shaugnessey was injured in her match. There are some examples for what you stated, but the first three rounds in a womans 128 draw are usually quite predictable and top 20 womens players don't usually knock off top 10 players with the same frequency as is on the mens tour.

And you are correct, Rios should spend more time practicing and less time giving negative views of the womens tour.
In a way he has a point. Most matches in the WTA are very predictable unless Top players play. Yet in the ATP tour even Top players dont beat low ranked players in scores like 6-0 6-1 6-2 or something like that .... mens tennis is much more equal between different players and it is hard to predict a winner in lots of matches .... ie. all the upsets this year.

I dont think womens tennis is a joke and i find mens tennis quite boring as lots of matches have score lines like 6-4 3-6 6-2 5-7 6-7 ect.
I equate this to back in 91-92 ish when Richard Kraijicek said that the Top 10 women were pigs....
I prefer it when it's not too much depth. I think each sport will benefit from having superstars. If there are too many equally good players in the top, it will get boring. People want to see both good tennis and stars. ATP can no longer offer the second, since there are too many of them.

That being said, womens could use a little more depth, but that is coming along nicely, day by day.

The reason why low ranked players always get like 3-4 games each set from the top players on ATP is because it's boring - With a rocket serve you can get those games and you don't need to possess any other skills whatsoever.
I don't like his wordings, but he is right in what he means.
Having too much depth means potentially less interesting matches in the latter stages of tournaments. This is where men's and women's tennis differ. The top players regularly meet at the closing stages on the WTA Tour, whereas there are more "dark horses" and "unknowns" featured towards the latter stages of ATP events, save for the Masters Cup.

While it's good to see new faces instead of the usual suspects all the time, tennis is a sport that is based on some good rivalries between players. The ATP may have depth, but the WTA can be counted on most of the time to produce the matches that people want to see.
Do high men's seeds get knocked out early because of parity on the ATP tour, or because of lack of effort? There's a lack of consistency among the top ATP players which, in my opinion, is NOT because of the so-called depth on their Tour, but because of their own failings. If the men are so equal, why haven't past upset artists made in into the top 20? Filip Dewulf reached a Slam SEMI-FINAL in 1997. Remind me again who he is, and what other results he has? Less than Stevenson, I'd guess (who at least has a good grass-court game). People laugh at how Kournikova hasn't won a WTA title yet. They should be laughing at the people who HAVE won titles on the ATP tour. No, I can't remember their names either.

Gustavo Kuerten may be supremely talented and a great player, but the way he treats all non-clay tournaments is a joke. It's not that he CAN'T play on hard courts/indoors - look at that amazing Masters Cup win - so why the hell does he have a nine-match losing streak, turn up to Australia totally unprepared and crash in Round 1? On top of skipping Wimbledon. And people talk about the Williams sisters' lack of commitment. :rolleyes: And don't get me started on Pete 'I only play well for 4 tournaments each year - no, 3, because Roland Garros is one of them' Sampras. Or past #1s and Slam winners who currently languish outside of the elite - Moya, Rios (pots'n'kettles, Marcelo), Bruguera...

Sure, there aren't as many upsets of the top women than of the top men. This is a Good Thing. We still get great matches - Capriati/Daniilidou, Venus/Hantuchova - and the odd upset (does Rios recall a certain Barbara Schett at Roland Garros last year? Or Virginia Ruano Pascual at Wimbledon?). But at least Tour titles, Slam titles and the #1 ranking actually mean something on the WTA Tour.
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Also, Rios is talking from a players point of view. He's not talking from the point of view of an ordinary tennis fan. He speaks about how tough it is when two men play no matter what their rankings. That's all well and good, but if the star player gets beaten, will there be more interest in the tournament from a fan's point of view? As long as the top women win through in the women's event, interest will still be buzzing. The men are relying on a select few to spark interest after the fourth round. The women have Jennifer, Venus, Martina, Kim, Justine, Amelie and Monica, all on the path for glamourous matchups. Whom do the men have? One of either Sampras or Safin, one of either Federer or Haas, and maybe Henman if depth doesn't get him. If any of those top women listed should get beaten before the fourth round, it will be a shock and keep the interest going. Fans will be be asking "Who is this girl that just beat that star player?" People will want to know about her. If it happened on the men's side, fans wouldn't be as surprised because of the depth. I mean, really, if that's what Rios wants, then fine by WTA fans.
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Who the fuck is Rios anyway?? Like anyone is going to listen to a second rate player who is only through to the 4th round because the "depth" has knocked out the top 5 seeds.

I'd prefer to see the majority of the top 10 playing each other in the last rounds than a load of nododies producing boring and teadiously long matches.

Rios = Pah!!
The reason why men's matches are closer than women's is because of their serve. Men are able to win a lot of games because of their serve. This is not the case for women.
We all know Rios is a jerk, remember what he said to Monica?

In any case, I think that first, for a player that has done nothing in 3 years, to come to criticize is rather sad, it only shows how frustrated he is, I really hope somebody kicks his sorry ass.

Also, I don't agree that the chance of an upset in early rounds makes the game more interesting.

What I like of tennis is the game, the quality, good shots, good technique, high quality, not the emotion of not knowing the result, if I want that kind of emotion, I look for another sport.

Also, top ranked women rarely loss to unknowns because they are consistent and they play their normal level, you don't have high emotional matches in early rounds, but you don't have a top player melting down completely as in the men.

When Agassi, Sampras, or Safin loss to a low ranked player, it's often because they played like crap, not because there was a big surprise in the other player's performance.

What Rios admires is that the men's game is levelled, down, that shows clearly what his standards are, have everyone being worse and then you have low quality from round 1 to the final, oh yes, but you don't know who is gonna win, whatever.

Gooooooooo Lapentti :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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Yeah,I think Rios is a joke.There is alittle truth to it,but there have been many upsets(Daja def. Monica,Alexandra def.Jennifer,etc.)So,I think he needs to shut his mouth.
Capriati/Eleni match was sheer crap. Cap makes a bunch of errors, Doniilidou wins a set. Cap keeps the ball in play, she wins 6-1, 6-1. Marcelo just may be right.
Nan Cu - your post was sheer crap. Both girls made errors, but it certainly wasn't dominated by errors. Tight first set - Daniilidou putting up a good fight, Capriati gutting it out; Daniilidou stepping up a gear in the second set and Capriati pretty powerless; Daniilidou going for too much in the 3rd set and Jennifer pulling through on experience.

Marcelo Rios should realise that it's the MEN'S tournament which has McNamee pulling his hair out right now.
I wouldn't compare what Rios said to what Richard Kraijicek said because Richard was being CRUEL whereas Marcelos was just stating what he sees as fact, from his perspective. He wasn't being nasty to the women.

Almost all of the men who play (whether they are #1 or #250) have very hard serves and they can win points on that. If a top mens player is having a bad day, he can be beaten by the #225 player (see: Kim v. Kaffy). It's very, very rare for any of the top 10 women to be beaten by a lower ranked player.

If you really like tennis then it can be boring to watch the early-round womens matches but exciting to watch the early-round mens matches because you never know what might happen.

However, if you have a favorite player and you want to see he/she go far then it's much better to watch your favorite woman play because your favorite man could be out very early. This Aussie Open on the mens' side is very boring for me right now because none of the men who are left interest me. However, the women are still exciting and it will get even better.

So, I suppose it all depends on how you look at a tennis tournment. But, I don't think Rios should be demonized for what he said because what he said is pretty much true.
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Most of the men's players, when they say things like that, are just mad that the women's tour gets more attention. Also, the men are allowed to charge appearance fees, and it's not unlikely to see them give a supbar performance in a small tournament. As people are saying, they are basically using their serve and whoever has the best serve on the day usually wins.
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