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After 3 weeks of patient work the first tournament classifications I wanna work with.

related to:
used for it:
based on:
based on:

At first it is only a year-by-year classification without a long-time view.

Unsufficient data is a big problem to classify tournaments appropriately.
By looking at these earliest years I can't see a consistent image envolving.
In one year a tournament attracts many big names, but the next year only "unknowns" find their way to the same place.
Surely, such ups and downs also happened in the 1960s, but in a moderate way.

At some point it got hard (and impossible) to comply my goal of 50 best tournaments, because there are many more tournaments I would clearly recognize as "Tier V" or higher.

criticism or suggestions are welcome!
(except about Wimbledon or US Nationals)


161 - 180 of 219 Posts