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cynicole said:
What really and truly made Martina Hingis a star aside from her obvious tennis skills was not just because it was easy to love her but it was also equally easy to absolutely loathe her.

She truly inspired strong feelings in people who loved her and hated her. People loved her clever game, yet others hated how she so cruelly dismantled her opponents that they so wanted her to lose.

Even that smile was polarizing. Some people loved seeing a girl who looked happy and beautifully smiling on court while others just thought she was deriving pleasure in torturing her opponents.

And of course there were the times she ran her mouth off. Some like her candor. Others found her completely offensive.

And being somewhat attractive also helps.
that is correct, i love her for for the same reason you hate her,
i'm sorry, but it think torturing is fun:)
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