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<font size = 6 color = yellow>World Male Tennis Association Official Rules and Sign-up Thread</font>

Hello tennis enthusiasts!!! There are so many games on those message board, but most of them focus only on the women's tennis. Therefore, Caio Braz and I decided to create a game with main focus on ATP. I hope you guys sign-up and enjoy!

<font size = 5 color = lime>Tournaments</font>

We will start the game in December 31st, right at the beginning of the 2002 season. Players can committ to all events of the season. The schedule is already posted below, but please, do not send your commitments yet.

<font size = 5 color = lime>Scoring/Bonus Points</font>

Each player will have 200 points in Grand Slams and 100 points on all other events. A player needs to rank their surfaces in order of their preference. The surfaces are Hardcourt Outdoors, Clay, Grass, and Hardcourt Indoors (Carpet, Taraflex, Greenset, etc.)

First surface - 15 bonus points<br />Second surface - 10 bonus points<br />Third surface - 5 bonus points<br />Fourth surface - no bonus points

Ex: Surface order - Clay, Hard, Grass, Carpet

A player, on Grand Slams, will have:<br />Australian Open (Hard outdoors) - 210 points<br />Roland Garros (Clay) - 215 points<br />Wimbledon (Grass) - 205 points<br />US Open - (Hard outdoors) - 210 points

A player, on lower events, will have:<br />Mallorca Open (Clay) - 115 points<br />Ericsson Open (Hard outdoors) - 110 points<br />Queens' Club (Grass) - 105 points<br />Stockholm Open (Hard indoors) - 100 points

Remember, these are only EXAMPLES.

Also bonus points for tournament wins:<br />Grand Slam - 3 points<br />Tennis Masters Series - 2 points<br />Other events - 1 point

Remember, the bonus points will count ONLY to the surface of the tournament you won, not for all of them. Runner-up don't earn bonus points.

Then each player will break their amount of points, 100-130 / 200-230 depending on the surface, over three sets (lower events) or five sets (Grand<br />Slams).

This is how the scores of matches will be determined

Let x = the difference in points between you and your opponent

If x is greater 50, the set is 6-0<br />If x is less than or equal to 50 but greater than 40, the set is 6-1<br />If x is less than or equal to 40 but greater than 30, the set is 6-2<br />If x is less than or equal to 30 but greater than 20, the set is 6-3<br />If x is less than or equal to 20 but less than 15, the set is 6-4<br />If x is less than or equal to 15 but less than or equal to 10, the set is 7-5<br />If x is less than 10, the set goes to a tie break, with the person with more points winning. The score is determined by x. If x=3, then the score is 7-6(4)

A tie break occurs when both players have the exact number of points! Tie breaks are determined by flipping a coin. One player will be assigned heads, the other player will be assigned tails. The first person to reach 7 heads/tails, wins the tie break, or if the tie break goes past 7, whoever wins by two. (thanks Tennisace)

For example:

Player 1<br />Set 1 30 <br />Set 2 40<br />Set 3 30<br />Player 2<br />Set 1 - 50<br />Set 2 - 0<br />Set 3 - 50

Player 2 wins the match 6-4, 2-6, 6-4.

<font size = 5 color = lime>Schedule</font>

1/7/2002 Sydney <br />Australia<br />International Series (Outdoor Hard) <br />$381,000<br /> <br />1/14/2002 Australian Open<br />Australia<br />Grand Slam (Outdoor Hard) <br />AUS $5,819,900<br /> <br />1/28/2002 Milan<br />Italy<br />International Series (Indoor Hard) <br />$381,000 <br /> <br />2/11/2002 Marseille<br />France<br />International Series (Indoor Hard) <br />$476,000

2/18/2002 Memphis<br />TN, U.S.A.<br />International Series Gold (Indoor Hard) $725,000 <br /> <br />2/25/2002 Dubai<br />U.A.E.<br />International Series Gold (Outdoor Hard) $925,000 <br /> <br />3/4/2002 Delray Beach<br />FL, U.S.A.<br />International Series (Outdoor Hard) <br />$400,000<br /> <br />3/11/2002 Indian Wells TMS<br />California, USA<br />Tennis Masters Series (Outdoor Hard)<br />$2,950,000 <br /> <br />3/18/2002 Miami Ericsson Open<br />FL, U.S.A.<br />Tennis Masters Series (Outdoor Hard) <br />$3,575,000

<font size = 5 color = lime>Rankings</font>

We've decided to use just the champions race to make things simpler. You'll be seeded according to your position at the champions race. Below is how the rankings work.

<br />Every player, regardless of his performances in the previous year, starts with zero points. Players count 18 performances in their ATP Champions Race total. Players eligible to enter the Grand Slams and Tennis Masters Series events must count those events and their best five other results from the International Series events. The Tennis Masters Cup will count as an additional 19th tournament for the eight players who qualify.

Grand Slams

W: 200<br />F: 140<br />SF: 90<br />QF: 50<br />R16: 30<br />R32: 15<br />R64: 7<br />R128: 1

Tennis Masters Cup

W: 50<br />SF: 40<br />RRW: 20 per match won

Tennis Masters Series

W: 100<br />F: 70<br />SF: 45<br />QF: 25<br />R16: 15<br />R32: 7<br />R 64: 1 (3)<br />R128: (1)

International Series Gold

TFC: $1,000,000 USD<br />W: 60<br />F: 42<br />SF: 27<br />QF: 15<br />R16: 5<br />R32: 3<br />R64: 1

TFC: $800,000 USD<br />W: 50<br />F: 35<br />SF: 22<br />QF: 12<br />R16: 5<br />R32: 3<br />R64: 1

International Series

TFC: $1,000,000 USD<br />W: 50<br />F: 35<br />SF: 22<br />QF: 12<br />R16: 5<br />R32: 3<br />R64: 1

TFC: $800,000 USD<br />W: 45<br />F: 31<br />SF: 20<br />QF: 11<br />R16: 4<br />R32: 2<br />R64: 1

TFC: $600,000 USD<br />W: 40<br />F: 28<br />SF: 18<br />QF: 10<br />R16: 3<br />R32: 1

TFC: $400,000 USD<br />W: 35<br />F: 24<br />SF: 15<br />QF: 8<br />R16: 3<br />R32: 1

<font size=3 color=lime>Send in your points to [email protected]. Or you can PM Caio or me, or tell us the points on MSN. My MSN address is [email protected] and Caio's is [email protected]</font>

<font size = 3 color=lime>WMTA WEBSITE:</font> <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

<font size = 5 color = lime>Signing Up</font>

You must join here and post a reply to this thread with 5 of your fave ATP players. Only one of them will be chosen. You have to choose 5 just for security reasons, because someone may have already chosen a player you wanted. Put the player you want most at the top!!! First come, first serve. DO NOT FORGET TO POST YOUR SURFACE ORDER!!!

Have fun!! Any one who signs up are instantly committed to the above events. As more people sign up, we'll have more tournaments a week. These tornaments are from Janurary to March. Pick up your rackets and start training now!! You have 2 more weeks to the start of the new season!! <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

<font size = 5 color = lime>Players Taken (39):</font>

Alex Corretja	(The Pea)		- Clay, Hardcourt, Indoor, Grass 
Todd Woodbridge (easy)		- Hard, Clay, Indoor, Grass 
Nicolas Kiefer	 (Kris)			- Hard, Indoors, Grass, Clay 
Jan-Michael Gambill (Monica_Rules)- Hard, Clay, Indoor, Grass
Andre Agassi	(Jippo McScally)	- Clay, Hard, Indoor, Grass
Gustavo Kuerten (QueenMartina)	- Clay, Hard, Indoors, Grass  
Sebastian Grosjean (zlatko seles)	- Hardcourt, Clay, Indoors, Grass 
Marat Safin (ASV)			- Clay, Hard, Grass, Indoor 
Patrick Rafter 	(Mary Pierce)		- Hardcourt, Clay, Grass, Indoor 
Mark Phillipousis (ILUVJELENA)	- Hard, Clay, Indoor, Grass 
Magnus Norman (AlexSydney)	- Clay, Hard, Carpet, Grass 
Nicolas Escude (Sam L)		- Grass, Clay, Hard, Indoor  
Lleyton Hewitt (petosp)		- Hard, Indoor, Clay, Grass
Yevgeny Kafelnikov (TheBoiledEgg)- Indoor, Hard, Clay , Grass 
Tommy Haas (Alx)			- Hard, Carpet, Clay, Grass
Vincent Spadea (Anjelica de la Courtiere)	- Hard, Clay, Indoor, Grass 
Andy Roddick (deftman)		- Hard, Clay, Indoor, Grass
Goran Ivanisevic (croat123)		- Carpet, Grass, Hard, Clay 
Pete Sampras (Jeff)			- Hard, Clay, Indoor, Grass 
Marcelo Rios (Marcelo de los Rios)	- Clay, Hard, Indoor, Grass 
Juan Carlos Ferrero (Morning Morgan)- Clay, Hard, Indoor, Grass  
Tim Henman (Candy946)		- Hard, Indoor, Grass, Clay  
Thomas Enqvist (JCAPFan)		- Hard, Indoor, Grass, Clay  
Michael Chang (BigLindsay)		- unknown
Nicholas Lapentti (QUEENLINDSAY)		- Hard, Grass, Clay, Indoor
Tommy Robredo (Sonfo)		- Hard, Clay, Indoor, Grass  
Carlos Moya (steven		- Grass, Hard, Clay, Indoor
Roger Federer (Yoshie707)	- Clay, Hard, Indoor, Grass
Fabrice Santoro (BecoolSerenaLover) - Hard, Clay, Carpet, Grass 
Greg Rusedski (Philip-MsJdAkAsvBsPs)- Hard, Clay, Carpet, Grass
James Blake (Serena_TheBody_Williams) - Hard, Indoor, Grass, Clay
Max Mirnyi (Wizkid)		- Hard, Clay, Indoor, Grass 
Arnaud Clément (FLL)		- Hard, Clay, Grass, Indoor
Richard Krajicek (LINDSAY DAVENPORT ROCKS) - Grass, Hard, Indoor, Clay
Andreas Vinciguerra (JUJUBEE)		- Clay, Hardcourt, Indoor, Grass
Taylor Dent (Conchita94)		- Clay, Hard, Indoor, Grass
Jonas Bjorkman (PatrickUK17) -		Hardcourt, Clay, Indoor, Grass
Rainer Schuettler (KFC_Fan) - 		Hard, Clay, Indoor, Grass 
Sergei Bruguera (70's Tennis)- 	Clay, Hard, Indoors, Grass

<font size = 5 color = lime>Top players still avaliable:</font>

Guillermo Cañas<br />Thomas Johansson<br />Albert Portas<br />Sjeng Schalken<br />Andrei Pavel
Xavier Malisse

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2,951 Posts
Who has already signed up in the Gen. Messages thread doesn't need to sign up again here <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0">

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todd woodbridge playing doubles with juan carlos.


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I wanna play the game!

Arnaud Clément is my player

surfaces: Hard, Clay, Grass, Carpet

Anyone wants to play doubles with Arnaud???

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Andreas Vinciguerra,

Do you want to play doubles with Arnaud???

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<font color=yellow size=4><marquee>Please sign-up for the WMTA Christmas Exhibition on the Games Forum. You have 1 and a half hours left to do so.</marquee></font>

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