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Wk.28 Nordea Nordic Light Open-Stockholm(Winner: E.Dementieva)

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E.W.T.A. Week 28​
Nordea Nordic Light Open
Tier III

29th September - Singles Qualifying
30th September - Singles First Round & Doubles First Round
1st October - Singles Second Round & Doubles Semifinals, announcement of the next qualifer
2nd October - Singles Semifinals and Final & Doubles Final

Send points before your events' first round start!!
Remember: Buy equipments before you commit!!!
Send Singles point to TatiNovic
Send Doubles point to Daniela-Is-Mine​
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Re: Wk.28 Nordea Nordic Light Open-Stockholm(Commit and Send-points NOW!!!)

betina vs. akiko :(
Re: Wk.28 Nordea Nordic Light Open-Stockholm(In PROGRESS!!!)

Betina :kiss:
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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