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Ladies Main Draw Seedings
1-Mrs. Ana-Maria Herrera-Verdasco
2-Ms. Eva Sorrenta
3-Miss Caroline Whitten
4-Miss Nadia Banaszek
5-Mrs. Larissa Ferrer-Ahrens
6-Miss Karla Herrera
7-Miss Brenda Van Haak
8-Miss Adriana Gonzalez
9-Mrs. Regla Torres-Garcia
10-Mrs. Selima Beckford-Valentine
11-Miss Samantha Soren
12-Mrs. Larissa Ovechkina
13-Miss Elise Mesane
14-Miss Lindsay-Anne Sarile
15-Miss Anabel Conde-Martinez
16-Miss Fleriancediore Hingisafrilia

Ladies Main Draw Wild Cards
1-Ms. Alina Patterson
2-Ms. Anna Malisse
3-Ms. Bryanne Applegate
4-Miss Athea Kane
5-Miss Yanet Mori-Tu
6-Miss Daniela Lieb

Ladies Qualifying Draw Seeds
1-Miss Silvana Fabiani
2-Miss Vesna McFlurry
3-Ms. Martina Capra
4-Miss Anna Missud
5-Miss Nave Peer
6-Miss Paris Hilton
7-Miss Tal Volkowich
8-Miss Aylina Khravska
9-Miss Serena Williams
10-Miss Lindsay Raymond
11-Mrs. Jandira Mendes-Williams
12-Miss Jennie Dokic
13-Mrs. Nikela Filas-Adidasini
14-Miss Samantha Dorrofield
15-Miss Holly Anchoret
16-Miss Isis Smith

Ladies Qualifying Draw Wild Cards
1-Miss Shanequa Stevenson
2-Miss Elizabeth Minter

Please make sure I have everything with your names correct

Mrs. = Married
Ms. = Divorced
Miss = Never Married

Also, if your official name is different, tell me. For example, I go by Ruflina Taliamanosoko, but my official name is Ruflina Taliamanosoko-Kimjumba-Applegate. It is only used at Wimbledon because Wimbledon is the most important event of the year full of formalness ;)

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Thanks so much for giving Dani a WC :bounce:

She will try her best to make good use of it :)

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Athea Kane receives a MD Wildcard for Wimbledon.

"I'm a brit, my mother is, i'm from London, born there, train there, live there & nyc. I actually began the tour as one but i felt like my African part needed more support. But i'm at home. Thanx a lot for that Wildcard, hopefully, it will be a winnable match, i will do my best in the best tounament ever."

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that's when you know your good: When you're the 10th seed in qualifying :haha: :rolleyes:

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It is still Mrs. Selima Beckford-Valentine ;) Tyson and Selima are still happy 2gether :hearts:

Tyson and Selima during their vacation in Miami last week.​

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Thanks so much for Giving Alina a wildcard!!!
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