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I'm back :D
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Well, forgive me for not posting these in the photos thread it's just quite a few of them relate to my time at Wimbledon.

I was there from Monday until Thursday (only on the outside courts, although I got all I wanted to see out on those courts anyway:)). This involved being up at 4:30am every morning and travelling/queueing for the next 6 hours each day. I keep telling myself it's not worth it Year after Year but then when I look back I have such an amazing time there. :p

I was able to see both of Sorana's first two round singles games and also her first round ladies doubles game.

On the Monday I watched Sorana play Gallovits so here are some photos from that match. Following the match I congratulated Sorana on the win and then asked if she would sign my drawing, she seemed genuinely surprised to see it and a little lost for words (although maybe she just didn't like it, lol).

and the autographed drawing...

Later that same day I was also lucky enough to get a drawing of Dani H autographed along with a sheet of large blank paper signed by Vika (for a future drawing). I then watched Rybarikova get pasted :eek: (surprised after her performance at Birmingham)

On Tuesday I watched Lil Masha play and then took some photos of Dani playing her doubles match. Following a few photos I went over to watch Nicole lose (seriously...whatever happened to her game:sad:) While there I saw Cibulkova watching so asked her for a quick photo (she was very sweet).

Then I went onto Court 18 to watch Lisicki play Chakvetadze which turned into a really great contest.(was able to get a photo with Sabine after the match but my brother-in-law still has that on his camera). Oh and it went just long but she hit a serve down at 121mph :eek:

On Wednesday I wasn't there too long, my main aim was just to see Sori's second round game against Sania Mirza (although I watched the Cibulkova game beforehand). I wasn't in a great position for photos during this game unfortunately but to make up for this I asked Sorana for a photo after the game.

I left after that game as I wanted to be fresh for a full day on Thursday (and not much else caught my eye to hang around for).

So on Thursday I went over to Court 12 to see Lisicki (have become quite a fan this summer, although she will always be second to Sori). While sat in the stand before the game Tim Henman walked past and I put my thumb up and he nodded back with a wave which was kinda cool (he was on his way to Court 2 to do commentary for the BBC).

Sabine pretty much walked her game and afterwards I was able to get a photo of her too.

After I took the photo she was outside the court chatting briefly with Bollitieri and her father.

So then I chilled in the sunshine and made my way over to Court 11 awaiting the doubles games (1st Sabine/Wozniak) followed by Sorana/Caroline. To try and explain the situation. All day I had been walking around in a bright yellow Adidas t-shirt customised with 'CIRSTEA' on the back just for some fun. My brother-in-law had a matching red Adidas t-shirt with 'WOZNIACKI' on the back (he is a big fan of hers). So the plan was to be at their doubles game and get a group photo after the game and maybe get the tees signed.

When the game begun the crowd was pretty much empty but by the end it was about 3 or 4 deep. We knew getting to Sorana/Caroline at the end of the game was going to be a nightmare so I decided we should try and meet them on their way back to the locker-room. We had really great front-row bench seats and I was able to get some good shots of Sorana before the game started...

The match was a close 3 set affair which as you all know they won. As soon as they won we both then set-off...after trying to break through the volume of people (Court 2 and Court 12 had just finished play) we ran around to the main scoreboard outside Centre Court. 30 second later Sorana and Caroline appeared with the player security guys. Sorana was so lovely:worship: I approached and asked if she could sign my shirt (she still had only seen it from the front up until that point) to which she replied 'Your shirt!?' in a surprised/joking way. I said yes and turned around and will never forget her reaction :hearts:, she said 'I love your shirt!' and a huge beaming smile broke across her face. At this point I wished her good luck against Azarenka. I then asked if she would be okay to get a group photo but I saw my brother in law and Caroline already posing for a photo. So then I just called my brother in law over and he took a photo of me with Sorana instead. She was so patient and lovely, I left Wimbledon that evening on such a high.

Through my drawings I have tried to meet lots of sports stars etc...and I can honestly say Sorana just has the most amazing personality. I really hope she gets the success in tennis she deserves.

Here is the photo of the shirt (still waiting for the photo of me and Sori from his camera :p).

Really amazing memories I take from Wimbledon this year and Sorana has cemented her status as my favourite player. I realise this will maybe not have been too exciting for you all but I wanted to share. If nothing else I hope you like the photos (I have more from the singles/doubles and will try and get them posted in the photo thread).:wavey:

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I am glad to see that you enjoyed your time there:D
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