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Williams sisters after the show on Oprah

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This is pretty old (november of last year) but I just found it yesterday so I thought I'd let other people know who might have missed it too.

The sisters were on Oprah and you can't watch the show but she does this thing now called "after the show" where you can watch clips on the internet of what they talk about when the show is done.

I watched some really good ones of the different celebreties and this one of the williams sisters was really great. They are two very inspiring women.

Go to and scroll down the list until you find the Williams sisters one.

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LeonHart said:
Just by that post you think I hate the sisters? :rolleyes:

And what I meant was that they said they didn't care what ppl said about them, but then they said they get tired of ppl saying "whos next to challenge the sisters." which is contradictory...
Sorry little boy, if this is what you understood under contracdiction, then you must be more stupid than I thought :rolleyes:
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