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Williams Family (Except Serena) En Route To LA To Identify Yetunde's Body

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The AP is reporting this. Serena is in Tornoto filming an episode of Street Time and it isn't know if she is filying to LA today, but I assume that she is.
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Venus+Serena#1fan said:
I suppose she may want to finish her filming for the day and then fly to LA. Not because 'street time' is more important than her sister, but it may not be possible to re-schedule another filming day, contracts etc.....
I was thinking the same thing.
She may be contractually obligated.
I'm sure she'll fly in ASAP.

God bless them! :sad:
Dick Riley said:
I had a little cry, but it was more out of relief (it might sound insensitive, but I got a fright and I was just relieved it wasn't Venus :sad: ). But I'm still so damn shocked. They all seemed so nice and close-knit and full of life :sad:.
It's not your intention to be insensitive,
I know exactly what you were feeling. :sad:
VeNuS FoReVeR said:
What do you want them to lie??

BTW, I'm almost positive that Lyndrea is the youngest of the Price ladies, so, your line of thinking would have been a bit skewed.
Nobody wants them to lie.
I think it is just that they were sisters and who cares if they are not bilogically 100% blood. They were sisters, despite biology.
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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