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GOLD COAST, Australia (AP) — Venus Williams admits she shops as well as plays tennis. Sometimes too well. <br />Williams is on the Gold Coast preparing for the Australian women's hardcourt championships at Royal Pines, where she is top seed. But off the practice court, she's had to stay away from the area's best shopping plazas, thanks to an out-of-control credit card.

"I'm not supposed to be shopping until January 1st and then I have an allowance," Williams said Sunday. "I guess I just got out of control between the months of July and September. I spiraled back to my ultimate low."

Williams, who has won more than a million dollars this year, including two grand slams and six other singles titles, says she doesn't remember some of her purchases.

"I got some jewelry I don't remember buying. I questioned what I had bought and I couldn't hardly remember and that's when there's a problem.

"When I got my credit card bill I was just so disappointed. I did really good up until about three days ago when I had a relapse."

Williams' love of jewelry and diamonds is well documented, but she claims her younger sister, Serena Williams, is the family shopping addict.

"That's Serena," she said. "Every day packages come in the mail for Serena from online shopping. I put them on her side of the house."

Williams won't play her first-round match on the Gold Coast until Tuesday.

"This week hopefully I'll do well and get a lot of matches in and will be in the correct mental state to get all the way to the final," said Williams.

"My first goal is to take home a few titles here in Australia."

If the draw goes to plan, Williams will face Wimbledon final opponent Justine Henin, who is defending her Gold Coast title.

The 19-year-old Belgian has shot up the rankings from 48 to No. 7 this year, with three singles titles and semifinal berths in both French and German Opens.

Williams snapped Henin's 15-match winning streak in Germany in May.

"I actually like playing against her," Williams said. "The first time I played her last year at the German Open I had a real tough time. She took me down really easily.

"She didn't give me a chance and after that you get respect for a player. I thought a lot about that match and since then I've played pretty well against her."


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Aww, that sweet Venus.

Does she have a credit card sponsor? You'd think one would take advantage of signing on both Williams girls and doing a comedic ad where the girls chronicle their shopaholic tendencies.

I like when Venus and Justine play eachother too. They make eachother look brilliant and it doesn't really matter who wins (though I do have preferences <img src="wink.gif" border="0"> ).
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