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or are they Challenging themselves more so than the tour Challenging them?

I think the Williams Reign is still there. And espeically when you have Serena and Venus at the top of their game, and so far over the past two years, the only way they can be beaten is if they are majorly off or injured. They (and no-one else has shown), that when you play them in a match, you rely more so on "their" game then "your" own game. Has there ever been players this dominant? There isn't a player out there not named Williams that can beat these sisters are their best against their best (that is the opponent)

Now about the strangle hold the sisters have/had on the tour? Is the rest of the tour loosing the strangle hold? I don't think so. More than anything Venus and Serena have let up a little, and you are seeing more loose than usual, but its not like they have completely let up seeing they are loosing on Clay, their least favorite, and biggest of the challenging surfaces out there for them. Had these been hardcourts? I highly doubt the sisters would've lost any of those matches. Now the question is, can the rest of the tour actually catch up. Ability wise. Sure they can catch up with the points (system), anyone can do that. But 1 on 1 meetings, and the phsycial aspect of the game, the sisters gap is still extra big. So far the tour has shown no efforts from many trying to get close to Venus and Serena. We have only seen them rely on Venus and Serena mistakes. On the court, and off the court. How can they rely this way? Well their errors on the courts as you have seen have cost them plenty of matches, and a matter of fact, it has cost (fans will aruge this point as well, but it is the truth) all 5 losses this year combined for the sisters w/ the exception of Venus' injury. How do they rely on Venus and Serena off the court? Well as you have seen, Kim Clijsters the past two weeks finally had to actually play some tennis to earn the "points number 2 player in the world" but when she first got there, she again relyed on williams, venus that is, to pull out of tournies and drop points for Clijsters to only gain.

Williams Reign beign challenged? Williams Reign has always been challenged, but the challenge hasn't been much, seeing the fact it only comes at the cost of errors from the sisters forcing the challenges. Players as well know this. When you take a look at scores, you see it all. Keep in mind that some fans seem to want to tell other fans how 1 played in this match, and how they played in the other. Taking Serena vs. Kim Clijsters Australian, Serena from start to finish of this match was making mistakes. Coming back from 1-5 down in the third to win w/ 6 straight games, Serena showed, that if she cuts back, but at the same time still goes for her shots, she can win. Kim Clijsters didn't cut back, nor did she pick it up. She stayed at the same level and spot from start to finish of the match. Then you have Nasdaq-100 Semis was the clash again of Serena vs. Kim. Now we knew going in they had a close match. But also if you have ever followed tennis, you would know that if Serena picked up her play better than Australia (keep it mind she was playing way better since Australia winning in Paris over Mauresmo) that Serena would have this one in the books as well. What happend? I think we all know, Serena beats Kim 6-4 6-2. Taking her out very good fashion. Not only did Serena play better, but Kim Clijsters played no different than in Australia. (here is where my point earlier comes into play of others telling you how 1 played this week and next week :)) She, kim that is,came out and from start to finish played at the same level. (does this level have a name?) Get the ball back and pray tennis is her game plan against Venus and Serena. And when you get the ball back, you have achieved your first goal, your second goal is your prayer. What are you praying for? Hoping for? An error. And enough to a point that it makes you get into the match. Mind you that your hitting probably 1 winner every game, (this is where fans try to argue how well so and so is playing against so and so (williams being the second "so and so")) you are now into the match. Now others try and aruge points as to, players getting that extra ball back are "forcing errors" But there is a difference of players actually getting that extra ball back and seeing their opponent get aggrivated and hit a wild shot, to the fact of Venus and Serena starting matches, winning the first set easily, and start to make errors (not at the players expense obviously, seeing they had the first set in the books, that could be effecting them) and let their opponent into the match. So many times again Im saying Fans don't want to here that Venus and Serena loose matches b/c of their errors. But in all reality its the truth. Like Pam Shriver said, players like Kim Clijsters and Jennifer Capriait can worry Venus and Serena when their errors are coming out all over the place, and they are close to their winners, or more than their winners.

The Strangle Hold is still largely in tact. The Challenge is there, but its still I say the same from last year. Right now, the sisters have lost 4 matches against the Entire WTA Tour. And 3 happend to be on what is called their "worst" surface. All on the Clay.
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