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Will Wimbledon seed Lindsay in the top 4, to avoid Ven/Lin 4th round match

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Do you think that Wimbledon will seed Lindsay Davenport in the top 4, even if her world ranking is lower? It would be terrible if Lindsay and Venus faced each other in the fourth round.
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This could only happen if Davenport would not be among the 5-8 seeds, so very unlikely;)
Lindsay ought to be in the 5-8 range by the time Wimbledon rolls along. I think she has a reasonable chance of being in the top 4 at that time anyway. So I think this will not have to be done :)
Well if Lindsay is even back on tour by Wimbledon did you forget there are three other seeds she could face in the fourth round if she is not in the top 4?
First, WB rarely ever deviates from ranking when seeding the women.

They won't drop an ex-champ from #4 to #5, even for another ex-champ.

I think it depends on who would drop from #4 to #5. Jenn, Venus, Martina are 1, 2, 3 now. Martina is an ex-champ, Venus is defending champ, Jenn amde the semis last year and is defending OZ champ. None of them are getting seeded below their ranking.

Monica - Still one of the biggest names in the sport. If she up to #4, (I admit this is unlikely) they won't drop her back.

Serena - Decision of the marketing department. Probably safe because moving her to #5 makes the possibility of Serena vs Venus in the QF. Hypewise, you want that match later. But if an uninspired Wild Thing is going to show up vs Venus, then switching Lindsay for Serena is a good idea.

Justine made the final last year. If she's #4, they'l leave her.

Anyone else might get smacked, especially if Lindsay wins a grass tuneup.
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Last night, I had a dream that Lindsay was back, it was the French Open and she was about to play Jennifer in the finals of the, I dont was a dream, what can I say?!
Don't think so.By wimbledon she'll be around 5 so if she palys what the point in moving her plus then it would be a quarter final not 4th round!
Wimbledon no longer seeds subjectively, remember? They now use a system that raises players based on their past 5 years Grasscourt results. Expect this system to make Venus the #1 seed, unless she is far back in points, which is unlikely. The other players who are likely to see their seedings go higher are Lindsay and Justine.
Interesting point about the Wimby seeding system. You learn something new everyday.
DH, are you certain that they are using that seeding formula for women? I thought it was for men? :confused:
it's for the women too i think
They did say they were going to apply it to all surfaces didn't they? But did they?? :rolleyes:
i guess its because hardcourt is kind of TOO common
so they dont do it for the hard court slams
It was rebound ace not hardcourt.

And so what if it is common? To ensure fairness, they should still implement it.
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