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Will the Justine-Jen semi spark a great rivalry?

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I think some of you are right that Jenn is winding down and Justine is just beginning so there isn't enought time left for a great rivalry. But I actually think it could, well if not a great rivalry a match-up that always produces great matches.

They have played 6 times everyone going to 3 sets. And alot of been extremely exciting matches. Especially the 2 GS Semi matchups, Wimby '01 and of course US '03.

So maybe it's too late to have a great rivalry between them, but I know that every time they do actually play I'll be watching. :p
shap_half said:
I actually think that if Jenn continues to compete for the next couple of years that she and Justine can get some kind of rivalry going. Although Justine might in the better position to win most of them so it might be a lopsided affair. Although they produce good tennis when they play against one another and they are often tight three set matches.

and \/enus, at last year's Canadian Open, Jenn defeated Justine in two sets.
No, QF Montreal...Aug 18 2002 J Capriati(2) - J Henin-Hardenne(5) 4-6 6-0 6-2 :D
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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