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Will the Chinese be dominating the tour in 10 years from now?

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We have the biggest population in the world and naturally have the most talents of all. We're still underdevelopped tennis wise but are growing at the fastest rate ever. Wish more advanced facilities, experienced staff, we can ver well dominate this sport in the not too far future. We didn't see so many top 200 players just five years ago and now we have like quite a few. I think the 2010s will be our era.
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I don't think they'll dominate the sport no but I do think there will be more Chinese players in the top 200 than ever before as travel restrictions become more relaxed. There have always been good Chinese players though. Hu Na, Fang Li & Jing-Qian Yi have all attained higher rankings in the past than current top Chinese player Jie Zheng.

The Chinese were supposed to dominate track and field after 1993 whenever Wang Junxia, Qu Yunxia & Dong Liu ran those amazing times but that neber happened.
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