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For at least one day??
Everyone have their doubts, when Serena defeat Venus to win the GSC 99.... I really love Serena, more than anything...
But the way she is playing, I dont think she can pass Venus, she can be the 2nd of the world, with Venus being the 1st. Look Im not saying Serena is playing badly, she is playing fantsatic, but I have a feeling that she is not playing like she played in 1999. . .
And Serena hmmmm... don´t know how to beat Venus, is not that she don´t know, is more difficult for her, that for Venus. Well, I hope Serena can pass Venus, one time in her carrer, but she will have to be better than Venus, and this is more difficult.... Cause Venus actually play fantastic <IMG SRC="smilies/smile.gif" border="0">
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