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Will Dementieva do it again? Can she ...

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... win her fourth title this year at the Kremlin Cup?
Legs is on a serious roll and is looking to make the best of her good play and the absence of three major players on the tour.

Now all she has to do is to work on that pedestrian serve of hers and Legs may have a long run in the top ten. ;)
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I say one match at a time. If Elena gets this title, I'd be over the moon! :D

But Amelie is up next and you never know what you're gona get with Amelie.

I believe Elena is playing better right now, it being at home and all, so I believe Elena can take this victory!

Good luck Elena!! :)

PS - TeeRexx, if Elena does win tomorrow, she could be overtaking VENUS ;) We need another Elena vs Venus match-up, I think their matches are very under-rated! :)
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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