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I just read a thread in the general message forum about why Venus not deserving the #1 spot.I was very pleased about this idea until I had to discover that the thread ended in a discussion about feminism.So that´s why I created this one.......

I think Venus simply deserves to be #1 because she dominates the tennis world for over two years!!!:hearts:


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Greetings All,

I've been searching for the words that would truly express how I feel about Ms. Venus Williams these days. I mean - I've never felt that she had to reach the number one ranking on the WTA tour in order to receive every superlative I could possible think about heaping on her and her tennis playing. But since she has reached number one - I am another one that wishes to congratulate her on this wonderful feat.

Venus is one of the wisest women on the planet - and she has always stated that she would reach number one when she deserved it. She and her business managers always knew what it would take for her to gain the number one ranking. Yet - she refused to compromise her beliefs in order to be molded by anyone other than by her own efforts and God's. She has never minded that some people would talk about her and describe her in a way that was pleasing to their point of view and other's ears. She has continued to listen to her own heartbeats - and she has refused to let anyone take one baby step for her. And needless to say - she walks to the beat of her own drum.

Of course, she has come a long, long way from the times when she would spray balls - hit way too many UEs, etc. I used to try to will her to ensure she got her first serve in rather than going for the ace when she served, and/or going for the fast serve. For the most part - she has cleaned up her play and the methods she uses in strategically trying to hang in points longer, and until she can go for out-right winners. She will continue to win many tournaments as long as she plays the sport of tennis - and IMO - she will go down as one of the greatest tennis players of all times.

Venus has the heart of a champion. A champion needs to have plenty of heart and will in order to excel in anything a champ takes on. When one shows excellence in accomplishing any goal in life - whether it's sports or whatever - then one should feel proud when the said goal was achieved. And nothing to include - prejudice - discrmination or hate - can upsurp excellence where excellence lives. Venus is far from being a perfect tennis player or human being - but she can try w/all her might and will to achieve excellence in everything she takes on in life. She should feel proud of herself now for all of the accomplishments she's achieved in her short life, to include the WTA number one player. And whether she stays at number one a short or long time, loses it and gets it back - she will never have to prove what she is made of again - as it pertains to the #1 ranking. And neither does any other tennis player - past and present. They were all excellent for a time and in the sport of their choosing.

IMO - Venus has excellent brain power also, and she knows how to work it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand and know that if one keeps winning tennis tourneys, and slams at that - then gaining the #1 ranking will not be far behind. Venus has always known this - and IMO - she has now truly proven it!

Take that you mealy (sp) mouth pundits and naysayers. Begone you haters and bashers. Ms. Venus Ebony Starr Williams is all up in the number one WTA tennis player's house, camp and throne. She is the Queen, and she will now take over the throne and sit her rumplestilskin on it. Begone all you other tennis subjects - because the Queen has arrived. And she ain't going nowhere and won't be turned around until she no longer deserves all the accolades, superlatives, shoutouts, praises, awards, trophys, endorsements and blessings that will and must be bestowed upon her as long as she stays very near the top in her chosen field. Long live and hopefully a long reign for the Queen VV! Lastly and in other words (IOW), I'm going to enjoy her presence on the tour - whilst I can!


DUBAI, 20 February, 2002
Venus Williams played her first match as the world number one even though it only takes effect officially on Monday.

For the second time in as many weeks in the second round of a tournament she defeated Anna Kournikova. Williams reached the quarterfinals of the Dubai Tennis Championships with a 6-3, 7-6 result and it was her sixth win from as many matches with the glamourous Russian.

"It's a good feeling to be number one but I am thinking of this week," said Williams. "This was a tough match and I didn't do all I wanted to. But with the number one, I want to give it my personal best and keep it as long as possible."

Ever since Venus and her sister Serena burst onto the scene their father Richard said they would be world number one. Serena beat Venus to the family's first Grand Slam title but now Venus is first to take number one, and Richard "was real excited and a little bit lost for words".

"I started believing I could do it when I was six and when I was six I also thought I could beat every player - John McEnroe, Pete Sampras, but my mother told me I could not play them," said Williams.

Kournikova meanwhile is starting to show the signs of a revival with her tennis after the injuries of 2001. She said when she started to play tournaments against late last year, she "didn't know which way to run", now it's a case of seeing things fall into place and "waiting for your chances". She realises it is not easy to come back and beat the top players straight away and expects it will take eight months to feel comfortable again.

"I need to get my match practice and not be afraid to go for my shots, it needs to come together," said Kournikova. "Physically I am well prepared and I can go a long time in a match and not get sore.

"You always want to come back as soon as possible but it's not that easy. I am improving my ranking every time, I have nothing to defend and I am looking forward to this year and hopefully being injury free."

Kournikova and Williams have both been impressed and surprised with Dubai. It's modern and vibrant and with both women enjoying shopping, the Amex has been taking a little bit of a beating. Kournikova said she consulted with last year's Dubai champion Martina Hingis before arriving in Dubai and revealed "she told me to go to the gold souk".

There was no horsing around for Monica Seles who joined Williams in the quarters however, she said she found it tough to control her returns in the windy conditions. Seles defeated Tathiana Garbin 6-2, 6-3 saying "there was so much going on on the court" that she had trouble getting into a rhythm, plus the Italian had taken an injury time out for blisters.

Seles says she has not had the time to really go sight seeing but has been impressed with what she has seen in Dubai.

"It's been great," she said. "The hotel is just amazing and I went to the (Sheikh's) stables. That was just beautiful and I have never seen anything like it, son it's been great so far and I hope I have a good week like last week in Doha."

The windy conditions also made it awkward for Amelie Mauresmo but overall she was pleased with her performance and was happy with the way she "adjusted" to it.

"I was a better player than her but she was dangerous at times and in the second set she had a few break points," said Mauresmo who is trying hard to shake off a heavy cold.

The Frenchwoman says her aim is to do well at the Grand Slams, in fact she is gearing herself up to win one, adding to that her goal is to be world number one, but that's a position Venus Williams has right now.

Williams now plays Anastasia Myskina, Seles faces Angeles Montolio and Mauresmo meets Tina Pisnik.

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That was a good post gogogirl.
I agree with it. Venus never had to attain the #1 ranking in my mind because she clearly is the #1 player in the world. Jen cap is a close second, but since she can't beat Venus, that leaves Venus at the top.
Few people agree with me, but I used to wish that, by the end of her career, Venus had won about 10 slams and never attained the #1 ranking. That would expose the silly ranking system for what it is - rewarding quantity over quality. And it would show me that Venus is the ultimate big match player. She doesn't need to play 17-18 tourneys a year to be ready for the Slams. She turns it on when she needs to. That is truly the mark of a champion. The WTA ranking system NEVER envisioned a player like Venus williams. well, most of us never envisioned a player like her. And tennis will never be the same. She is truly a pioneer.
Ruth in philly pa usa
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