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Even me, a thai, get pissed off with his match. I had to go out during the Henman-Roddick match, the biggest match-up in the 1st rnd and was expecting a re-run in my evening [the live match was started at 0730 am my local time]. And what I got in the evening is an entire Paradorn match!!! If only I got a number of Star Sports!

By the way, I thought it was only us, thai fans, to have suffered such stupid coverage selection. I experienced a Lee Hyung-Tek match while plenties of women top 10 were taking stage at Wimbledon with this f***ing StarSport few years ago. Now I know it wasn't only us.

I gotta go watching Paradorn v no 119 now... ;)

p.s. You know what, I just understand when you US fans said they showed too much Roddick or you UK fans said they showed too much Henman. Though I'd be very eager to watch both players all day all night. ;)
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