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Why Martina Hingis will be back on top.

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Hello everybody

As we all know Hingis has had a terrible year.<br />But I think we must not be too worried about her future.

If you look on pure skills she is problably the best out there.<br />Sure she lacks power and has no good serve.<br />But look at this<br />Martina Hingis was born to be a tennis superstar.<br />She has worked incredible hard and never had a really normal life.<br />Her mother and she wanted her to become a great tennisplayer and she became.<br />Her whole life is about tennis, sure she does have some private life but tennis is and was the main thing.<br />Back in'97 when she conquered the world of tennis <br />people were saying she had a chance to become on of the best ever.

At this moment people doubt her, but just look at her skills.<br />She can do almost anything she want and have worked hard for it.<br />Now it seems her game is maybe not enough for todays powerbabes.<br />But she is almost destined to be a top player for years.<br />She is 21 and has still enough years in front of her.<br />You can be sure that she is willing to do everything to be the best again.<br />She loves tennis and the tour is her world.<br />Martina is definetly capable to improve her game if she sets her mind 100% on it.

Is there anybody who thinks that she wont be motivated?<br />Think again.<br />Is there anybody who thinks she hasnt got what it takes to be the best again?<br />Ill speak you again in the future.

Martina will not go on making only semi's , she is a natural winner and will not be denied for all those years which are coming.<br />There's no way she will go on the rest of her career like she has been struggling this year.<br />I think that if her motivation and confidence are back she can sure win a GS and be #1 again.<br />I do not think she will be as dominating as in '97 cause the concurention is bigger especially the Williams sisters who I want to give credit as they are great athletes and also have great years in front of them.

I think Martina,Venus and Serena are the future of tennis.<br />Im looking forward to next season and wishes good luck to all three of them.
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I hope you are more than right <img src="biggrin.gif" border="0"> <br />Marti Marti Marti! Oi Oi Oi!
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