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Why Martina Hingis will be back on top.

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Hello everybody

As we all know Hingis has had a terrible year.<br />But I think we must not be too worried about her future.

If you look on pure skills she is problably the best out there.<br />Sure she lacks power and has no good serve.<br />But look at this<br />Martina Hingis was born to be a tennis superstar.<br />She has worked incredible hard and never had a really normal life.<br />Her mother and she wanted her to become a great tennisplayer and she became.<br />Her whole life is about tennis, sure she does have some private life but tennis is and was the main thing.<br />Back in'97 when she conquered the world of tennis <br />people were saying she had a chance to become on of the best ever.

At this moment people doubt her, but just look at her skills.<br />She can do almost anything she want and have worked hard for it.<br />Now it seems her game is maybe not enough for todays powerbabes.<br />But she is almost destined to be a top player for years.<br />She is 21 and has still enough years in front of her.<br />You can be sure that she is willing to do everything to be the best again.<br />She loves tennis and the tour is her world.<br />Martina is definetly capable to improve her game if she sets her mind 100% on it.

Is there anybody who thinks that she wont be motivated?<br />Think again.<br />Is there anybody who thinks she hasnt got what it takes to be the best again?<br />Ill speak you again in the future.

Martina will not go on making only semi's , she is a natural winner and will not be denied for all those years which are coming.<br />There's no way she will go on the rest of her career like she has been struggling this year.<br />I think that if her motivation and confidence are back she can sure win a GS and be #1 again.<br />I do not think she will be as dominating as in '97 cause the concurention is bigger especially the Williams sisters who I want to give credit as they are great athletes and also have great years in front of them.

I think Martina,Venus and Serena are the future of tennis.<br />Im looking forward to next season and wishes good luck to all three of them.
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Don't mean to bust your bubble or anything John, but Martina gained her truckload of points during the first ½ of 2001 . So in order to "get back to the top where she belongs" ::snicker snicker:: she HAS to defend her titles at Addidas, doha and dubai , get to the finals and or win the AO, Indian Wells, Ericsson, Charleston, Berlin, Italy and Roland Garos and the semis or win at Amelia Island. The road will get a bit bumpier before it gets smooth again <img src="tongue.gif" border="0">

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Not that I mean to rain on anyone's parade, but <br />when will reality strike Martina's fans? She's A 1000 points off the lead, for pete's sake. Remember when SHE was a thousand points in the lead and "some" were smugly saying she was so far ahead no one could ever catch up, never ever, because no one was in her class? Have you even looked at what she has to do in January and February just to stay even THAT close to the leaders? Do you honestly think, with the way she was playing for the last eight months, that she can come back off a debilitating injury and make at least the finals of every tournament she plays and win three or four of them? That's almost as loopy as announcing that Alexandra Stevenson or Anna Kournikova could do so. As always this is just my humble opinion <img src="tongue.gif" border="0">
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At Indian Wells, Ericsson, Berlin, Italy and Roland Garros, she is only defending SF points.<hr></blockquote>

You misunderstood my post Justin... I simply stated that in order for Martina to get back "at the top where she belongs" :::snicker snicker::: , she has to defend all these SF points or win the whole shebang <img src="tongue.gif" border="0">
It's funny how you are always in Martina's threads. <hr></blockquote>

Nah, it's just like everyone else and their mother showing up in all threads. The truth really hurts after all.. oh and it's nice to know that you taking notice of me LMAO <img src="tongue.gif" border="0">

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once again, I sincerely hope she comes back and does great, so I can see a few people try and remove their feet from their mouths


Of course I've taken Hingisova's foot injury , and her recent slump into account... Someone called it a little hiccup, but to me it seems more like a giant asthma ... So if "some"want to consider it foot in the mouth on my part, then so be it <img src="tongue.gif" border="0">

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