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Why is Hantu still struggling against horrendous players ?

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She dropped the first set to Savchuk, ranked 115.
Daniela is #14 and playing the best she has in years.
This is gonna piss me off if she loses. She was given a gift: a dream draw to the Semi's.
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i guess you're right about Savchuk - she just kicked the ass of the #14 ranked player !
Oh yes, Olga is one of the elite players. A master of her game. The girl NO ONE wants to see near her when the draw come out. LOL !!!

I could see Petrova now..."oh no ! I have to play Savchuk" !!!
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tenn ace, can you put more of the same eyerolls in your post ? lol ! i didn't quite get your point.
Just because she beat DH does not make Olga a 'young star on the rise', or a phenom, or make her shit smell like roses.
It made her lucky that she beat a player who can crumble if the sun isn't in the right place. Is Melanie Gloria a phenomenal player ?

She's not good, and the matches that i've SEEN her play, she has no weapon to threaten ANYone in the top 30 so get yer nose outta her butt.
Now she's not reading these posts, so i don't feel bad bashing her, maybe you should stop taking things so personally ? And cheer up, mate ! It's just a game.
Please quote me where i said DH is my favorite.
alibaby said:
question to you:why do we always get such horrendous threads
Oh wait:
"Who is hotter blonde.?"
"List the Lesbians"
"Serena is a whale"
Then we have the threads one second after a match ends - Ten threads all called "Player1 defeated Player2".
Then we have those Oh So Cute Nicknames that the players DON'T EVEN USE THEMSELVES "Can Tati beat Vivi or JuJu ? HingHing is hotter than KiKi" Retard.

Read my thread title and then you answer me - Was the question i posed truly horrible and boring ?
1 - 6 of 37 Posts
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