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I was watching (and taping) that Foxsports coverage too (Tracy annoyed me more than usual, I must say...and some of her stats were completely wrong...and, of course, that rampant mispronounciation). I was also thinking the same thing you were, janie.

She's just so different from any of the other players I've seen (and because I live in America I'm basically limited to the Spice Girls and Big Babes). First off, she's a small aggressive all-court player. (In other words, she's not a percentage-playing counter-puncher nor does she serve and volley like most of the other featherweights.)

This girl isn't afraid to move forward. She's so gutsy. She doesn't pop back behind the baseline when an opportunity arises closer to the net. (I get frustrated watching Big Babes pop back behind the baseline when they could finish off a point quicker by moving forward.)

There's also the amazing power she's able to generate off both sides. (That forehand is very underrated, IMO.) And she gets this power through technique, not size.

Having a "flashy" one-handed backhand helps, of course. (Amelie Mauresmo is my favorite big babe to watch simply for that reason.)

Her wind-ups and follow-throughs lend a certain flair to her shots as well. When she jumps to hit those leaves me in awe sometimes. Amazing athleticism. She throws her whole body into it.

She has tons of variety in her game too. (Too bad Davenport didn't give us a chance to see more of it.)

And she's still pretty much a work-in-progress. It's been fun seeing her improve.

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