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why everyone needs henin to win this match

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Henin needs henin to win this match.
She should underscore her 2 slam titles this year with the No 1 ranking. No one should win 2 slams in a year and not have made number 1. Its just not good kharma :). She deserves it. Her style of play is different to many players and that is a positive thing. When the game is getting more and more dominated by wonderful tall big serving powerful players, the contrast of a different type of player is good.

Tennis needs henin to win this match.
Henin needs the ranking to really lay down the gauntlet to the williams sisters and anyone else who thinks that they have the balls, including clijsters, capriati, davenport mauresmo, seles (god willing, but i doubt it), pierce and the great russians....... she needs make the statement 'sure you are great, but im no. 1 now and if you think you are better then you have to come play a lot and prove it. They probably will, and that will be good too. :)

Clijsters needs henin to win this match
Yes, she does! Kim is a really great player. She is too good for all the crap that is talked about her being the only No 1 without a slam. Beating justine tomorrow will not put to rest the simmering dissatisfaction that she is No 1 but still slamless. In fact, it will get worse :( . They will start to say that she can only do it in the lesser tournaments.
She is way too good to endure that. Let justine get to No 1, and let Kim come out in the slams next year and prove what a great player whe really is, and get No 1 the old fashioned way that people will have to respect :) .

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#4: Fans of other players, particularly heavily-tanned Americans or height-challenged Walloons, are terrified of the idea that Kim might some day get it all together.
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